boiled sprouted moong

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Boiled sprouted moong as the name suggests refers to sprouts that are boiled.

Take two cups of water per cup of sprouts, when cooking in a covered utensil. This way, it will cook a little faster, use less energy, and perhaps retain more vitamins. Once the water comes to a boil, turn the down the flame to medium-low. The cooking process may take 10-15 minutes. You may check the softness by pressing a sprout between your fingers. At this point, you may add spices, vegetables or even boiled rice as per your preference and recipe requirements.

The sprouts may be boiled with or without salt as per your choice.

How to select
• As moong sprouts are now gaining popularity, they are available in many grocery stores.
• But, they can be prepared easily at home too.
• When selecting moong sprouts for boiling, look for a plump, crisp lot that is not slimy, limp or stringy.
• Also, look for sprouts with shoots that are still short and stored in refrigerated sections.
• Longer sprouts tend to get more woody and bitter when boiled.
• Exposing the sprouts to sunlight will cause them to start photosynthesizing, which will make them pale green.

Culinary Uses
• Boiled green moong sprout salad is very refreshing and healthy.
• Moong, when sprouted becomes sweeter and goes well with cucumbers, lemon and green chillies.
• Boiled moong bean sprouts are stir-fried as a vegetable accompaniment to a meal, usually with ingredients such as garlic, ginger and spring onions..

How to store
• Use boiled moong sprouts as soon as possible.
• If required to store for a day, place in a food-grade container in the refrigerator.

Health benefits
• Sprouts are one of the most complete and nutritional foods.
• Sprouts have greater concentration of vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes.
• Abundant enzymes make them easy to digest.