nacho chips or tortilla chips

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What is nacho chips, tortilla chips ?

A tortilla chip or nacho chips is a snack food made from corn tortillas, which are cut into wedges and then fried (alternatively they may be baked). Corn tortillas are made of corn, oil, salt and water. Tortilla chips are considered to be a Mexican food, known as tostados. Though usually made of yellow corn, they can also be made of white, blue, or red corn. Once can also make them easily at home by making basic corn tortillas using maize flour, salt, oil, kneading them and after rolling them , cut them into triangle shaped chips and deep fry or bake them. Tortilla chips are quiet essential in Mexican cuisine and are often served complimentary in authentic Mexican cuisine. They are typically served with a dip, such as salsa, cheesy dip or guacamole. When not served with a dip, the chips are often seasoned with herbs and spices.

Crushed nacho chips or tortilla chips
Take some chips in your hand and crush them lightly into small pieces of desired size.

How to select nacho chips, tortilla chips

When making at home, choose fresh maize flour and the oil used should be fresh as well. When buying readymade from market, make sure to check the expiry dates and any signs of unsealed packs and other off odour and flavours.

Culinary Uses of nacho chips, tortilla chips in Indian Cooking

• Tortilla chips or nacho chips are customarily served as appetizers with some dips or salsa.
• Tortilla chips or nacho chips are usually deep fried to make them crisp and delicious but alternatively can also be baked.

How to store nacho chips, tortilla chips

Store the nacho chips in a cool and dry place and always store them in an air-tight container. You can store the readymade nacho chips upto their expiry date and homemade nacho chips can be stored upto a month.