par-boiled potatoes

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Also Known as
Half cooked potatoes, Blanched potatoes

Parboiling or blanching is a cooking technique in which potatoes are partially cooked in boiling water, but removed before it is cooked all the way through. Many recipes call for parboiled potatoes to cut down the time on cooking. A common example is stir fry, which often includes potatoes which may not be completely cooked if they are fried with the other vegetables. If the potatoes are subjected to parboiling first, they will be tender and soft, along with the rest of the stir fry.
In addition to partially cooking ingredients, parboiling potatoes also has other uses. For example, it can be used to loosen and remove the skins of potatoes very easily. Cooks can also parboil a large batch of something so that they can cook smaller meals quickly and easily. Breakfast potatoes, for example, can be parboiled so that they will fry quickly and evenly. Many vegetables are parboiled before being frozen, so that they can be used easily when they are thawed out. You may find that parboiling is a big kitchen time saver.
Put the potatoes in cold water, bring to the boil and keep boiling for six or seven minutes. When they're done, put it under cool water tap and allow it to dry. To test parboiled potatoes, use a fork and poke one of the potatoes. If the fork slides in with just a little give, then the potatoes are ready. Do keep an eye and keep checking. If you cook them to mush, then they will not work well on the grill.

How to Select
Potatoes should be firm, well shaped and relatively smooth, and should be free of decay that often manifests as wet or dry rot. In addition, they should not be sprouting or have green coloration since this indicates that they may contain the toxic that imparts an undesirable taste. Avoid potatoes with soft spots or blemishes, a greenish tint, or sprouts.

Culinary Uses
· The real secret to turning out perfect potatoes straight off the grill is to parboil and then toss the Potatoes on the Grill
· You can also parboil in a mixture of herbs and spices to add flavor to the food.
· Par boiled potatoes are ready to use in any recipie requiring potato in any form.
· For making crispy chips, parboiled potatoes are often used. Parboiling yields tender yet still crispy potatoes.

How to Store
Keep it in refrigerator for not more than a week. Use it immediately as soon as possible as the skin might turn hard.

Health Benefits
Parboiled potatoes are easier to digest, hence no flatulence