turmeric powder

What is haldi powder, turmeric powder? Benefits, Uses, Recipes, Glossary Viewed 150926 times

What is turmeric powder, haldi?

Also Known as
Haldi, Manjal podi, haldi powder

Turmeric powder is a bright yellow spice powder made from dried turmeric rhizomes. While its slightly peppery and warm flavour; vibrant colour; and preservative properties make it a great culinary ingredient, the presence of ‘curcumin’ makes is suitable for cosmetic and medicinal purposes too. Records show that turmeric has been used for such purposes as early as 3000 years ago, during the ancient Vedic times. Turmeric is also used in Hindi spiritual ceremonies and prayers. It is suggested to have between 1 gram to 3 grams daily.   

How to select turmeric powder, haldi

• Although turmeric powder is readily available at almost all grocery stores and supermarkets, it is advisable to buy only good brands and from only reliable sources as it is prone to contamination and artificial colouring to make it attractive.
• Always verify the freshness, by checking the date of packaging and expiry, and buy only a fresh lot for maximum flavour and aroma.
• When time permits, it is better to buy the dried rhizomes and grind them yourself to avoid additives and contamination.

Culinary Uses of turmeric powder, haldi

• Turmeric is an indispensable spice, which imparts a musky flavour and yellow colour to curries.
• Almost all Indian vegetable dishes use turmeric either separately or as part of the masala (spice mixture).
• It is also used in recipes comprising rice, lentils and dry beans.
• A small pinch of turmeric powder would is enough to add a pleasant orange-yellow hue to salad dressings.
• As awareness about the ill effects of pesticides and fertilisers rises, people have started soaking and rinsing their vegetables and greens in water mixed with turmeric and salt, as it helps remove a lot of chemicals from the surface.

How to store turmeric powder, haldi

• Turmeric powder should be stored in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.
• Too much heat will volatilise and dissipate its aromatic essential oils, while high humidity will cause it to cake. Sunlight will cause it to fade.
• Older stock should always be used first.
• Tightly close the container after each use to retain its aroma and flavour.

Health benefits of turmeric powder, haldi


1. Curcumin : Curcumin, a potent Antioxidant, is believed to be the most bioactive and soothing portion of turmeric. This is the same compound which gives this herb its typical yellow colour and the one that stains your wooden spoons.

2. Overcomes Indigestion : Turmeric helps stimulate the flow of bile, which helps digest food thus helping to overcome indigestion and proving itself as a digestive herb. Use it in daily cooking.

3. Treats Dysentery and Diarrhoea : The herb’s antiseptic action lends credence to its traditional use in treating dysentery and Diarrhoea, which is caused due to micro-organisms. Adding 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder to a glass of warm water and consuming it 2 to 3 times a day helps to cure dysentery.

4. Reduces Acne and Pimples: Turmeric reduces Acne and pimples due to its anti microbiological properties.

5. Improves skin texture : Turmeric is used often as a skin Exfoliator as it has a rough texture. Mix with olive oil and remove dead skin with it.

6. Rich in Iron : Turmeric, being rich in iron, is highly valuable in the treatment of Anaemia and both the root as well as the powder should be a regular part of an anaemic diet.

7. Anti-inflammation Property : The anti-inflammatory compounds, Curcumin, in turmeric helps relieve inflammation of the joints and thus is a ladder to relieve pain related to arthritis.

8. Anti-Ulcer Property : Turmeric has been proven to protect the lining of the stomach and prevent ulcers. This is one more reason for those healthy individuals to make turmeric a part of their regular diet.

9. Relieves Muscle Pain : Turmeric has the active compound Curcumin that is know to reduce muscle pain. This is great for athletes who suffer from muscle sourness.

10. Turmeric, the brain food : Turmeric is part of the Indian diet and present in every Indian kitchen. It is known to be a good brain food and keep diseases like Alzheimer’s at bay. The key issue of Alzheimer’s is the inflammation of the brain and Turmeric is anti inflammatory.

11. Wards of Cold and Cough : The Curcumin in this spice also helps to ward of the bacteria’s causing cold, cough and throat irritation. Fresh turmeric powder and ajwain (carom seeds) mixed in a glass of warm milk taken once or twice a daily is the most useful curative measure. You can try the recipe of Ajwain and Turmeric Milk .

12. Overcome Insomnia : A glass of milk with a little turmeric powder etc. taken just before going to bed daily is the best remedy for Insomnia.

13. Natural Healer : An application of turmeric powder on boils have been proven to speed up the healing process. Our ancestors, a few centuries ago, used pounded turmeric leaves when turmeric powder was not available.

14. Stops bleeding : Turmeric powder is often used to stop the blood run resulting from a knife cut or other small wounds.