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Gas Toaster recipes | 5 Hand Toaster recipes

gas toaster recipes. hand toaster recipes. A gas toaster/ hand toaster is a kitchen tool designed to make toast sandwich directly on the gas stove. It is square in shape with a cavity to place the sandwich. You simply have to press the sandwich lightly by shutting the toaster with the opposite handle. Lock it and flip to make crispy sandwiches quickly and easily. The surface of a hand toaster can be plain or with a 3-Ribbed Design that allows more stuffing to be filled. The gas toaster can be of various material like stainless steel, non-stick, etc.

The non-stick gas toaster is more convenient as they make use of less fat and are easy to clean and handle. Make cooking a lot easier with these specialized tools that are not only easy to clean but also, easy to store.

You will often see roadside stalls selling a variety of toast sandwich. The toasting gives a nice crunch to the sandwich and it tastes yum with a side of spicy green chutney and tomato ketchup. Here is a list of famous toast sandwich recipes made using a gas toaster.

Chutney Cheese Toast Sandwich

With just a handful of ingredients like bread, butter, greeen chutney and cheese you can quickly toast this delectable Mumbai roadside recipe.

Masala Toast Sandwich

Cheese Masala Toast SandwichCheese Masala Toast Sandwich

A spicy aloo stuffing topped with sliced tomato, onion, capsicum is sandwiched between a chutney smeared bread is toasted till golden brown in a gas toaster and garnished with sev makes for a sumptuous snack that will keep you going for an hour or two. An addition of grated cheese to make Cheese Masala Toast Sandwich, an appetizing snack that one just cannot resist a bite.

Toasted Samosa Sandwich

Toasted Samosa SandwichToasted Samosa Sandwich

This is one of my favorite sandwich variant combining samosa and veggies. The crispness of the bread and the filling samosa contrast beautifully when toasted in a hand toaster making this an ever-popular snack.

Cheese Chilli Toast

Everything about the Cheese Chilli Toast is awesome, right from the buttery crispness of the bread to the gooeyness of molten cheese and the juicy bite and sweetness of capsicum. Relish it hot and fresh when removed from a gas toaster.

Enjoy our collection of 5 Hand Toaster Sandwich recipes.

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Chutney Cheese Toast Sandwich , Mumbai Roadside Recipe recipe
The Chutney Cheese Toast Sandwich is a buttery and tasty toast that is much-loved by Mumbaiites. It is sold all across the city by roadside food vendors, and is surprisingly easy to replicate at home! The Chutney Cheese Toast as the name suggests is buttered bread, lined with chutney, sandwiched ....
Masala Toast ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes ) recipe
A tasty aloo masala packed between slices of bread lined with tongue-tickling chutney, the Masala Toast is surely one sumptuous snack that will keep you going for an hour or two. The unique stove and toaster used to make this Masala Toast is a typical trademark of street-side food. However, in this ....
Cheese Masala Toast Sandwich, Mumbai Roadside Recipe recipe
Think about all the masaledar things you know – and you will find them in this sandwich. The Cheese Masala Toast Sandwich, which is the most popular cheese sandwich sold on the streets of Mumbai, is what one would call ‘fully loaded’! It’s got cheese, veggies, chutneys and a flavourful potato st ....
Toasted Samosa Sandwich, Mumbai Roadside Recipe recipe
An all-time favourite Mumbai roadside recipe, the Toasted Samosa Sandwich is made with commonly available ingredients and regular bread, so that you can conjure it up anytime you want! Here, bread is buttered, lined with green chutney and sandwiched with a flattened samosa. Crunchy and juicy veg ....
Cheese Chilli Toast ( Mumbai Roadside Snack) recipe
If the name makes you believe that this is a simple toast of bread with cheese and chilli flakes, you are in for a huge surprise. On Mumbai’s streets, Cheese Chilli Toast is an elaborate treat, of chutney-coated bread topped with a succulent mixture of cheese, capsicum and green chillies. To ....

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