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दाँत आने के समय बच्चों का आहार - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Teething Recipes for Babies in Hindi)
દાંત આવતા સમયનો બાળકોનો આહાર - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Teething Recipes for Babies in Gujarati)

Teething Recipes for Babies, Infants

teething recipes for babies. Teething starts at around the age of 8-9 months and your little one may drool and become irritable at times. This is the time when infants start to learn eating techniques like biting and chewing. Once babies start teething they want to nibble on anything that comes in their way. It’s the time when they start biting on hard objects. Therefore, it is important to carefully supervise babies during this time.

Ragi and Oat Crackers
Ragi and Oat Crackers

You can give your baby small finger foods like a piece of carrot or cucumber. Apart from love and care, nurturing a little one needs a lot of planning and know-how too. You need to know the right foods to give them at each growth phase. This section on Teething Recipes guides you on what to give babies when their teeth start growing, to help them overcome the itchiness and irritability in their gums. They will also enjoy the new textures and flavours that they will discover in homemade treats which they can happily chew on.

Teething Recipes for Babies, Sweet Recipes

Halim Ladoo, Halim LadduHalim Ladoo, Halim Laddu

As the iron requirements increase during the weaning. It is very easy to make iron rich sweets with ingredients like Jowar, Dates, Halim, Ragi etc. Halim Laddo is a wonderful sweet to top up your baby’s iron requirements. Who knew chikkis can be made using oats?

Give a healthy touch to your chikkis by making it with healthy ingredients like this Oats and Walnut Chikki.

Teething Recipes for Babies, Savoury Recipes

Crunchy Cumin Seeds CrackerCrunchy Cumin Seeds Cracker

Crunchy Cumin Seeds Cracker made with oats, maize flour and whole wheat flour are healthy teething crackers, good for babies of age 9 months or older.

Cheese and Vegetable SticksCheese and Vegetable Sticks

The iron requirement of babies increase as their weaning starts, so it is important to include iron rich recipes like Ragi and Oat Crackers.

Teething Recipes for Babies, Biscuits Recipes

Most babies love to nibble on their favourite snack. Biscuits are usually baby’s favourite but are usually made with refined flour i.e. Maida.

The use of whole wheat flour in these Whole Wheat Date Cookies makes them healthier than other cookies. You can make power packed recipes like these Teething Biscuits rich in protein and folic acid.

Happy Cooking!!!

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Crunchy Cumin Seeds Cracker recipe
These crispy, low fat munchies are made with oats, maize flour and whole-wheat flour instead of refined maida. These are great to keep in your handbag so that you are prepared when hunger strikes. You can also serve them as an appetizer along with garlic tomato salsa.
Ragi and Oat Crackers recipe
Light on the stomach but crunchy to bite into, these iron rich crackers make a great breakfast option, whether early in the morning or as a snack during a mid-day refreshment break! These Ragi and Oat Crackers are all the better, as they are made with wholesome ragi, oats and whole wheat flo ....
Oats and Walnut Chikki recipe
Who does not like the enticing sweetness and exciting crunch of chikkis? Here, we have given a healthy twist to this all-time favourite snack, making it out of oats and walnuts. Oats is known to be a healthy, fibre-rich cereal, while jaggery and walnuts have rich stores of iron that help boost ....
Atta Biscuits, Eggless Whole Wheat Biscuit recipe
atta biscuits recipe | eggless atta biscuits | Indian style whole wheat biscuits | with 18 amazing images. Our atta biscuits recipe is an Indian style whole wheat biscu ....
Homemade Whole Wheat Bread Sticks recipe
Half the fun of having a hot bowl of soup lies in the accompaniments, especially the bread sticks! Bread sticks can be plain, spicy or herby, but they help make a soup seem more complete and perfect! These Homemade Whole Wheat Bread Sticks are perfectly crisp and tasty, just like the store-bough ....
Baked Oats Puri recipe
Puris , plain or stuffed, baked or fried, are a snack that Indians cannot live without! Here is a version that you can binge on, without any guilt. Made using fibre-rich oats, the Baked Oats Puri is flavoured with sesame seeds, garlic ....
Jowar Sesame Bread Sticks ( Baby and Toddler Recipe) recipe
This version of bread sticks is more wholesome than the regular bread sticks made from refined flour (maida). It's also an interesting way to introduce different kinds of cereals in your baby's diet.
Multigrain Healthy Cracker, Lactose Free recipe
Here's a delectable lactose-free snack that all of you are sure to fall in love with! Loaded with the goodness of wholesome flours and flaxseeds powder, this Multigrain Healthy Cracker tastes so awesome even without using butter or any type of dairy product. You can enjoy it with tea, or car ....
Til Chikki ( Baby and Toddler) recipe
Leave alone children, even adults love the traditional, evergreen Til Chikki! This simple recipe gives a high dose of calcium and iron, which are wonder nutrients for your growing baby. We have made the recipe child-friendly by using a small amount of jaggery to sweeten it. While this gives a ....
Oats Nimki, Low Salt Recipe recipe
Nimki is a crunchy, diamond-shaped savoury Bengali snack. It is characterised by its crispness and appetizing flavour of cumin and pepper. It can be enjoyed plain, or with tongue-tickling green chutney green chutney. ....
Jowar Golpapdi for Kids recipe
jowar golpapdi for kids | sukhadi for kids | golpapdi for toddlers | wit 13 amazing images. A flour-based mithai from Gujarat, golpapdi is a hot favourite with most people because it is n ....
Whole Wheat Bread Sticks recipe
Bread sticks are a wonderful addition to the starter spread, as they make a bowl of soup seem extra special! This recipe shows you how to make tasty and crunchy Whole Wheat Bread Sticks. The process is quite easy, as you can see. There is no need t ....
Speckled Bubble Bars ( Baby and Toddler Recipe) recipe
This is another way of introducing your baby to new textures. She may need more variety than carrot strips, crumbly cookies and bread sticks. The jaggery will keep her energy levels up and also add iron to her diet. The sesame seeds contribute calcium and iron too, while making the process of teethi ....
Mini Baked Moong Dal and Jowar Puri recipe
When you feel like snacking on something, but also want to keep High Blood Pressure in check, try this delicious, nutrient-dense Mini Baked Moong Dal and Jowar Puri. The ingredients provide ample protein, fibre and other heart-friendly nutrient ....
Apple Sticks ( Tiffin Recipe) recipe
An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but sometimes it can be a real challenge making your kids eat up this wonder fruit, especially on school days when you cannot run behind them! Here is how you can serve it up in their snack box. Adding a dash of lemon juice to neatly cut Apple Sticks not only gi ....
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