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लेबनीस चावल - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Lebanese Rice recipes in Hindi)
લેબનીઝ ભાત - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Lebanese Rice recipes in Gujarati)

Lebanese Rice Recipes

Many rice and wheat based dishes are popular in Lebanese cuisine. Amongst the rice-based favorites are Mashkool Rice, Saffron Rice, Mumawash Rice and Vermicelli Rice which are enjoyed with delectable curries.

In India, vermicelli is used to make sweet recipes Sheer Khurma, Semiyan Payasam and savory dishes like seviyan upma, Vermicelli idli etc. Similarly, it is widely used in Lebanese cuisine to make a wide range of dishes.

Nuts, dates and saffron are widely used in Lebanese preparation. From desserts to main course dishes, they are used to make everything richer and give a nice mouthfeel. The very mention of saffron brings to mind a royal experience, and indeed Saffron Rice maintains that reputation!

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Saffron Rice, Kesar Chawal recipe
The very mention of saffron brings to mind a royal experience, and indeed, this recipe maintains that reputation! Rice is flavoured aesthetically with saffron and rose water, and perked up with an assortment of dried fruits and nuts. Served with Mixed Vegetable Curry, the Saffron Rice offers a ....
Vermicelli Rice, Lebanese Rice with Vermicelli recipe
Vermicelli is used extensively in Lebanese cooking to make both sweet and savoury dishes. The same recipe can be converted into a sweet by cooking the rice with milk and little sugar.
Bean and Spinach Rice recipe
Spinach pooled with kidney beans and rice delicately flavoured with cumin seeds powder. One serving will give you a nourishing supply of protein, folic acid and iron.
Mumawash Rice recipe
A Lebanese khichadi flavoured with whole garam masalas. Rose water and milk add richness to the preparation.
Mashkool Rice recipe
Long grained rice tossed with deep-fried potatoes, onions and tomatoes and generously seasoned with baharat powder.

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