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31 Pakora Recipes, Collection of Pakoda Recipes, Veg Indian Fritters

Pakora or Pakodas are fondly called Bajjias (Bhajias) and are generally deep friend Indian snacks made using besan. Besan is mixed with Indian spices and herbs to get different flavors and taste. Sometimes, even rice flour or hot oil is added to the batter to increase the crispiness of pakoda.

Come monsoon and our hearts start yearning for something spicy and crunchy to munch on, that’s when pakodas come into the picture. The ever popular combination of piping hot pakoda and cutting chai is a famous street food of Mumbai. Even those who are very health-conscious cannot resist munching on just a pakoda or two with their evening chaai! Indeed, savoury snacks like pakore are as much a part of our lifestyle as mithai is a part of our culture.

You can also have pakodas with bread or accompany with an assortment of chutneys :

1. Khajur Imli ki Chutney

2. Dry Garlic Chutney

3. Green Chutney

4. Tomato Ketchup

Pakora for fasting

Potatoes-and-Buckwheat-PakoraPotatoes and Buckwheat Pakora

Apart from potatoes, you can even make use of kand and suran , you can combine them with ingredients like peanuts, and flours like buckwheat and amaranth flour to make them more interesting. Try variants like the Potatoes and Buckwheat Pakoda or Kand Aloo Pakora that are ideal for vrats (upvas) with Peanut Curd Chutney

Pakoras with Vegetables

Poha-Aloo-PakodaPoha Aloo Pakoda

Potatoes and onions are the most popular vegetables use to make pakodas. You can also combine aloo with poha to make quick and easy Poha Aloo Pakora. For spinach lovers we suggest Palak Pakora served with piping hot Chai. Here is an irresistibly crunchy and excitingly flavoured pakoda made with cabbage. You can also use yam to make Suran Pakodas. In the mango season, take ripe Alphonso Mangoes cubes to enjoy unique Aam Ke Pakoda. You can even make bhajjias using cauliflower or use an assortments of vegetables to make Mixed Vegetable Pakora.

Punjabi's love Pakora

Malwani-Style-Paneer-PakodaMalwani Style Paneer Pakoda

While traveling across the Punjab one comes across the one of the most delicious yet simple snack, Paneer Pakoda. A variation to this is Malwanli Style Paneer Pakora.

Mumbai Street Food Pakora

Moong-Dal-PakodaMoong Dal Pakoda

The Moong Dal Pakoda, with its unique texture, is an all-time favourite sold across Mumbai by street vendors. For those who thought Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji to be the only bread-based Mumbai roadside snacks, Bread Pakoda with aloo stuffing is sure to be an eye-opener. Bread Pakoras with paneer stuffing is a popular kids lunch box recipe.

Maharashtrian Pakora Recipes

Peanut-PakodaPeanut Pakoda

Maharashtrains use a lot of peanuts in their cooking and Peanut Pakora along with some chopped spinach is loved by them. My personal favorite are the Pyaz Ke Pakoda which is served at the top of Sinhagad Fort in the outskirts of Pune. That is the most famous snack there and they are like a treat after accomplishing the climb.

Pakora made with Chana Dal and Urad Dal

Masala-VadaMasala Vadas

Instead of using besan, this unusual Chana Dal Bhajiya made with a mixture of soaked and ground chana dal flavoured with crunchy onions, pungent garlic, fiery green chillies, peppy ginger and aromatic coriander leaves. Urad batter is generally associated with the South Indian vada, but here we have made pakodas with urad dal and it tastes absolutely awesome.

Leftovers make Pakodas

Khichdi-PakodasKhichdi Pakodas

Well, nobody would ever be able to guess that this Khichdi Pakora is made from leftover khichdi! Do try your hands on these various vegetarian pakora recipes and let us know how you enjoyed them.

Our Top 10 Parkora recipes are

  Top 10 Parkora Recipes
1. Peanut Pakoda
2. Moong Dal Pakoda
3. Paneer Pakoda
4. Yam Fritters
5. Cabbage Pakoda
6. Methi Pakoda
7. Kand Aloo Pakoda
8. Khichdi Pakodas
9. Rice and Peanut Pakoda
10. Banana Bhajiya

Enjoy our collection of Pakora Recipes down below and don't forget to comment on this article. We would love to hear from you. 

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Thin slices of purple yam coated with a gram flour batter and deep fried makes for unusual and subtle-flavoured pakodas. The crushed coriander and peppercorns sprinkled on the batter coated slices of kand impart a nice crunch and flavour as you bite into these pakodas.
While traveling across the Punjab one comes across the one of the most delicious yet simple snack. . . The pakoda. Pakodas can be made from nearly any vegetable be it spinach, onions, cauliflower, potatoes and even chilies by dipping them in a seasoned batter of besan and then deep-frying. P ....
Pakodas don’t always have to be onion-based. Here is an irresistibly crunchy and excitingly flavoured pakoda made with cabbage. Cabbage and coriander, held together with besan and spiced with chilli powder, make awesome pakodas, which taste great with green chutney. Serve the Cabbage Pakodas hot ....
This is an interesting pakoda that combines the vibrant colour of spinach and the exciting crunch of onions with a dash of spice powders for flavour. We have combined the right amounts of besan and rice flour to give the Palak Pakora an awesome crunch. A must-try recipe, the Palak Pakora will ad ....
Melt-in-the-mouth cubes of paneer are enrobed in a tongue-tickling batter and deep-fried to make this Malwani Style Paneer Pakoda. What makes it different from regular pakodas is the richness of flavour. Not only ....
Bread pakoda, a unique, yummy and healthy paneer stuffing that makes these bread pakodas a perfect short break snack. Remember to pack tomato ketchup as an accompaniment.
This scrumptious Sprouted Moong Pakoda is going to add an element of fun to your tea-time! Made of a batter of raw sprouted moong perked up with green chillies, ginger, garlic and mint leaves, this unique pakoda has a very off-beat taste and texture that will surprise you. It is also quick and e ....
The Poha Aloo Pakoda is a scrumptious snack that you can quickly and easily prepare in the evenings to serve with tea or coffee. It is very simple and uses minimal ingredients, so you do not have to think twice about making it even after a busy day. After all, some days are worth celebrating, wi ....
Instead of using besan, this unusual bhajiya is made with a mixture of soaked and ground chana dal flavoured with crunchy onions, pungent garlic, fiery green chillies, peppy ginger and aromatic coriander leaves. The batter is reinforced with a little bit of rice flour which makes it firmer and i ....
Tasty and crispy, this is one of the most famous tea-time snacks in India. It is often sold by roadside vendors, and sells like a rage in the winter months! The Bread Pakora is quite easy to make too, as it uses just common ingredients. The sliced bread is dipped in a batter of besan and rice fl ....
Sometimes, when vrats coincide with festivals, there is a lot of work to do and there are lots of visitors too, so you cannot go on a total fast. You need something tasty to serve your guests and also to keep you energised. Recipes like the Potatoes and Buckwheat Pakora, which are absolutely exc ....
Bread has a knack of giving any snack a wonderful texture, which is both crisp and melt-in-the-mouth. This Bread Palak Pakora is an interesting experiment that harnesses this quality of bread. Made with a dough of bread and palak strengthened with besan and flavoured with spices, these pakoras h ....
Fresh cauliflower florets, coated with a masaledar batter and deep-fried to a perfect crispness, the Gobi Pakora is one tea-time snack that has withstood the test of time and crossed geographical boundaries too. It is available all over the country, even in small tea-stalls. Especially during th ....
Pakoras are inseparable from Indian Party menus! They also gain special importance in the monsoon season, when everybody yearns for something spicy and crunchy to munch on. The burst of flavours and the crackling mouth-feel of pakoras are simply in ....
Monsoon is simply incomplete without Aloo Pakora! Potato slices, coated with a spicy batter and deep-fried, these pakoras give you everything your palate will ask for on a cool and rainy day – a dash of spice, lots of crunch and loads of fun. The best part is that it is quite easy to make, no rocket ....
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