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डिटॉक्स वाटर, फलों का डिटॉक्स पानी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Detox Water, Fruit Infused Water recipes in Hindi)
ફળોનું ડિટોક્સ પાણી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Detox Water, Fruit Infused Water recipes in Gujarati)

Detox Water Recipes | Fruit Infused Water Recipes | Detox Water for Weight Loss | 

Detox Water Recipes | Fruit Infused Water Recipes | Detox Water for Weight Loss | 

Fruit-infused water is a delight to behold and a pleasure to sip on, with vibrantly coloured fruits and the warm feeling of getting ample nutrients in a soothing way. We all need around 2-3 litres of water every day, but we often make the mistake of substituting this with sugary drinks and heavy-to-digest beverages like coffee and tea, giving priority to taste and a momentary sense of wellness, rather than long-lasting good health.

Infusing water with fruits, in a fruit-infusing bottle, is an interesting way to hydrate our body while also supplying valuable vitamins to it. With beautifully-designed fruit-infusing bottle, it becomes very convenient to sip on delicious, nutrient-dense water on the go.

This section shows you several exciting ways to reinforce your water with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, providing a flavoursome alternative to plain water and good riddance to the temptation of having sugary drinks!

Benefits of Fruit-Infused Water, Detox Water

• Fruit-infused water flushes harmful toxins out of your system

• It boosts metabolism

• Naturally helps your body to release fat cells

• Fills you up, avoiding the craving for junk food

•  With zero calories, it aids in weight loss

• Cleans the liver and helps improve kidney functioning

• Improves skin complexion and prevents wrinkles

• Reduces muscle fatigue while working out

• Improves your mood and keeps you relaxed

• Chases away grogginess in the afternoon

• Convenient, inexpensive and quick!

Parts of the Fruit-Infusing Bottle

The fruit-infusing bottle consists of four parts: the inner infuser in which the fruits are placed, the lid of the infusing tube, the outer bottle where the water is filled for the fruits to infuse, and the lid of the bottle.

Parts of the Fruit-Infusing BottleParts of the Fruit-Infusing Bottle

How to Use the Fruit-Infusing Bottle

It is quick and easy! Just follow these steps…

• Thoroughly clean the water bottle and infuser tube. Wash the bottle and infusing tube along with their lids with a mild soap and water. Wipe dry, with a clean kitchen towel.

Thoroughly clean the water bottle and infuser tubeThoroughly clean the water bottle and infuser tube

• Grab your favourite fresh fruit. You can use any combination of fruits to flavour your water, but a recipe helps by providing consistent flavours you can enjoy again and again. 

Grab your favourite fresh fruitGrab your favourite fresh fruit

• Thoroughly clean and prepare the fruits. Clean and wash the fruits to remove any impurities that may be on it and cut off any bruised or damaged sections.  Cutting the fruit into pieces will speed up the infusing. Also remember to buy just-ripe fruits for these recipes. Raw fruits will not give enough flavour to the drink, while overripe fruits might seep from the infusing tube. 

Thoroughly clean and prepare the fruitsThoroughly clean and prepare the fruits

• Place the cut fruits into the infuser tube. Pack the fruits into the infuser tube, layering different types one over the other, so that the water can infuse the full flavour of each fruit.  Once the infuser is filled, lid it securely.

Place the cut fruits into the infuser tubePlace the cut fruits into the infuser tube

• Place the filled infuser tube into the glass bottle. Fill water up to three-fourths of the bottle, place the infuser tube in it, and close the lid of the bottle tightly. For maximum flavour, allow the water to infuse fully for a period of 2 to 3 hours.

Place the filled infuser tube into the glass bottlePlace the filled infuser tube into the glass bottle

Need some ideas for flavouring your water? Visit our collection of recipes, bottles and infusers. We have given refreshing fruity combos; fruit and veggie; fruit with fresh herbs; fruit and citrus combos; along with fruits in coconut water. So, make some tasty infused water and sip it on and off, to recharge yourself on a tiring day. This collection of recipes with their tingling energy and tickling flavours will ensure there is never a boring moment in your day!

Happy Sipping!

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