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रमजान इफ्तार ड्रिंक की रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Iftar Drinks for Ramadan recipes in Hindi)
રમાદાન માટે ઇફ્તાર પીણું રેસિપિ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Iftar Drinks for Ramadan recipes in Gujarati)

Iftar Indian Drinks for Ramadan

Drinks for Ramzan. See our Hot Indian drinks for Ramadan, Refreshing Indian drinks for Ramadan, Smoothie based drinks for Ramadan to Chilled drinks to serve for guests.

 Cold Cocoa Milkshake Cold Cocoa Milkshake

After a day of fasting, your palate yearns for something liquid to quench both thirst and hunger – Drinks are therefore an integral part of Iftar.

We have got some unique recipes in this section, which are mouth-watering as well as satiating for your hungry tummy. Whether you are a die-hard fan of faloodas or one who is bored of it, this section will help you discover some brand new choices!

Melon Magic, Muskmelon and Orange JuiceMelon Magic, Muskmelon and Orange Juice

Try your hand at making the Oreo Milkshake, or go for a light and refreshing Kokum Sherbet. Pick a drink that matches your taste and hunger levels, and give it a shot today!

Hot Indian drinks for Ramadan

Sipping some hot drinks make you fresh, after a tiring day. Few recipes here which will help you revive your energy levels.

1.      Masala Chai a very famous hot beverage originated from India. Rainy or winter days, it is a go to beverage.

Masala Chai Or Masala TeaMasala Chai Or Masala Tea

2.      Masala Milk a highly flavourful milk, which is derived from the Maharastrain cuisine. It is a very popular drink in India.

 Masala Milk, Saffron Masala Milk Recipe Masala Milk, Saffron Masala Milk Recipe

3.      Honey Ginger Tea Ginger, steeped in hot boiling water and mixed with lemon juice and honey, is also a great stress relieving drink.

 Honey Ginger Tea for Cold and Cough Honey Ginger Tea for Cold and Cough

Refreshing Indian drinks for Ramadan

Want something fresh to drink, in this hot climate. Here we have come up with some unique recipes with easily available ingredients. Try these recipes they are truly refreshing.  

1.      Kokum Sherbet a glassful of this Kokum Sherbet to instantly refresh you, the desi way.

Kokum Sherbet, Kokam Sharbat RecipeKokum Sherbet, Kokam Sharbat Recipe

2.      Pudina Chaas a traditional cooler in Southern India, especially Tamil Nadu, where it is left to cool in earthen pots that add a unique aroma to it.

Mint Chaas, Punjabi Mint Chaas RecipeMint Chaas, Punjabi Pudina Chaas Recipe

3.      Coconut Water with Coconut Meat a refreshing drink. Coconut water with malai has a nice texture, which is quite unlike any juice you have ever had before.

 Coconut Water with Coconut Meat Coconut Water with Coconut Meat

4.      Amlana Rajasthani drink made with tamarind pulp, perked up with spices like pepper and cardamom. The addition of black salt imparts a wonderful flavour.

Smoothie based drinks for Ramadan

When kids does not want to eat much but need something thick shake kind of drink, where they fill up their stomach as well. Here are few interesting recipes to try. 

1.      Oreo Milkshake a rich and creamy milkshake prepared with the very popular Oreo biscuits, we have used the cookies which are the one’s with chocolate cream filling.

2.      Banana Apple Smoothie mild flavours of apple and banana complement each other, and give your day a gentle but filling start.

 Banana Apple Smoothie  Banana Apple Smoothie

3.      Date Banana Shake satisfy your hunger, revitalise you and meet your nutrient requirements, all within a matter of minutes.

Date and Banana Shake
Date and Banana Shake

4.      Apple and Date Smoothie very soothing to the palate as both apples and dates lend a very balanced taste without any overpowering flavours.

 Apple and Date Smoothie, Smoothie with Curds
 Apple and Date Smoothie, Smoothie with Curds

Chilled drinks to serve for guests

When you know there are guest going to drop in the house, you need to give them some refreshing drinks. Here are some amazing recipes of drinks to serve your guest. 

1.      Chaas  a yogurt based drink which cools your system from the inside. Basically plain chaas is very famous in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

 Chaas, Buttermilk Recipe, Salted Chaas Recipe Chaas, Buttermilk Recipe, Salted Chaas Recipe

2.      Falooda a dessert, if you look at it technically, but practically it is an any-time snack! 

 Falooda ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes )  Falooda ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes )

3.      Choco Shake try this Choco Shake, you will never want to have another glass of any run-of-the-mill shake made with cocoa powder!

Enjoy Iftar drosin for Ramadan, Indian drinks for Ramzan and other Ramadan recipe articles below.

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