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लंच / दोपहर के भोजन के दालें - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Indian Pulses recipes in Hindi)
બપોરના અલ્પાહાર દાલ રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Indian Pulses recipes in Gujarati)

Indian Pulses recipes |  Best Indian Pulse Dishes |  

Indian Pulses recipes |  Best Indian Pulse Dishes |  Pulses one of the most important part on Indian cuisine. Any kind of pulse needs to be there for lunch, whether used in curries, rice or sabzis. It has lot of health benefits. 

 Masala Masoor Dal with Mixed VegetablesMasala Masoor Dal with Mixed Vegetables

Pulses used in Indian sabzis

Masala Masoor Dal with Mixed Vegetables masoor dal is combined with a traditional tempering, an assortment of spice powders, a horde of flavour enhancers like ginger and green chillies, and finally a cupful of mixed veggies.

 Gavar Aur Masoor ki Dal Gavar Aur Masoor ki Dal

 Gavar Aur Masoor ki Dal intelligent combination of gavar and masoor gives a dal that brims with flavour and overflows with nutrition!

Pulses used in Indian rice

Toovar Dal Ni Khichdi a class apart from normal khichdis because of the aromatic spices used. This khichdi with papad, pickle and curd taste really good.

 Toovar Dal Ni Khichdi, Gujarati Recipe Toovar Dal Ni Khichdi, Gujarati Recipe

 Vegetable Panchmel Khichdi 4 dals and rice pressure cooked with a generous helping of crunchy vegetables, tomatoes and spice powders. 

 Vegetable Panchmel KhichdiVegetable Panchmel Khichdi

Wholesome Khichdi or Fada ni Khichdi most popular, comforting and homely of rice dishes, enjoyed by Indians the world over.

While there are various versions of khichdi, known by various names.  

Fada ni KhichdiFada ni Khichdi

Pulses used for Indian lunch and dinner 

Hot steaming rice with a big spoon off ghee over the dal, is the most comforting food on regular day.

Dal Pinni its rich flavour and luscious texture, it can qualify as festive cooking, but it is so satiating and earthy you will want to keep making it again and again! Kerala Style Tomato Dal a distinct south Indian flavor to the table.

Kerala Style Tomato DalKerala Style Tomato Dal

Toovar dal is cooked with a ground paste of coconut, red chilies and jeera, while tomatoes and jaggery enhance the flavor. Taste great with red rice. Dahiwali Toovar Dal a simple everyday fare which pairs well with almost all types of Indian breads.

 Dahiwali Toovar DalKerala Style Tomato Dal

Masoor Dal and Palak Khichdi it is satiating and easy to prepare, and fits perfectly into any meal, be it lunch or dinner.    

 Masoor Dal and Palak Khichdi Masoor Dal and Palak Khichdi

Healthy Indian recipes using pulses

Whole Masoor Dal protein and fibre-rich dal also features a spiky spice paste, which makes it very attractive to the desi palate! Chawli Masoor Dal an all-time favourite, this recipe combines chawli leaves with wholesome masoor dal and a flavourful masala paste to make a dish that surely wins the diner’s heart!

 Chawli Masoor DalChawli Masoor Dal

Fatless Maa ki Dal this recipe stays away from high fat butter and cream, and uses low-fat curds to recreate the same rich texture. 

 Fatless Maa ki Dal Fatless Maa ki Dal

Spicy Yellow Moong Dal is a storehouse of nutrients like protein, iron and folic acid, so you can relish this dal without any guilt of putting on extra kilos and with the satisfaction of providing your body machinery with required nutrients.

Oats, Vegetable and Brown Rice Khichdi all-in-one meal, which is not only satiating but also gives a bounty of nutrients like antioxidants vitamin A and folic acid.

 Spicy Yellow Moong DalSpicy Yellow Moong Dal

Enjoy our and Indian Pulses recipes |  Best Indian Pulse Dishes | and try uur other Lunch Recipe articles below.

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