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लॅबनीस् पेय - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Lebanese Beverages recipes in Hindi)
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Lebanese Beverages Recipes, Lebanese Drink Recipes

A drink of some kind always adds more fun to a meal. It also makes the meal less dry and more enjoyable. There are many famous Lebanese beverages like Apple Tea, Lemon Cooler and Ayran, which can be served with meals or had as a mid-day drink.

Ayran is a rejuvenating yoghurt-based drink, very popular in the Middle Eastern Regions, especially Lebanon and Syria. You will be surprised to see that milk and yoghurt are combined with garlic to make Ayran.

Grated apples with a dash of lemon juice, little dalchini and sugar stewed with green tea bags makes a refreshing Apple tea.

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