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Quick Indian Dips, Gravies, Quick Indian Sauces

quick Indian dips| quick Indian gravies and sauces | When friends are coming over, a snack of chips and dips is the first thing that comes to mind. It is an also wonderful snack to enjoy on a weekend’s evening. The best part is that many amazing dips and sauces can be prepared instantly, within minutes.

डिप्स् और सॉस की झटपट भारतीय रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Quick Indian Dips, Gravies & Sauces recipes in Hindi)
ઝટ-પટ ડીપ્સ્ અને સૉસ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Quick Indian Dips, Gravies & Sauces recipes in Gujarati)

We also have a section on quick Indian gravies and sauces to make your life easy. 

Pumpkin DipPumpkin Dip

This section introduces you to such amazing choices of Quick Dip Recipes, so you can entertain yourself and your friends without sweating in the kitchen for too long. Couple the right dip with the right finger food to make it a grand success - try the Creamy Cucumber Dip with cream crackers for kids or the Garlicky Hummus with cucumber sticks!

Quick Indian dips

Walnut DipWalnut Dip

Here are some healthy quick Indian dips. Have bholpa then try this healthy kaddu, bhopla dip. For walnut lovers, there is akhrot, walnut dip  made with paneer. 

Spinach and paneer dip is super healthy for diabetics and wweight loss as its made with low fat paneer. My party favourite is creamy thick curd dip with rose syrup.  

Beetroot and Chickpea DipBeetroot and Chickpea Dip

Want a colourful Indian dip, opt for beetroot and chickpea dip which requires soaked and boiled chickpeas. For cauliflower lovers, we have the cauliflower and spinach dip

Quick Indian Sauces, Gravies

Chilli Garlic SauceChilli Garlic Sauce

quick Indian sauces | quick Indian gravies | Once you soak your kashmiri red chillies, this Indian chilli garlic sauce is quick to make. 

For peanut lovers try the spicy peanut sauce sweetened a bit with jaggery.  The ever popular Indian style quick pizza sauce is a must to try. South Indians make use of coconut sauce

Basic White Gravy, White GravyBasic White Gravy, White Gravy

White gravy, this curd-based gravy is prominent in North Indian cuisine. It is white to off-white in colour and bland in taste compared to other gravies. It is made richer and creamier with the extensive use of cashew nuts and cream. 

We have got you a perfect restaurant style kadai gravy recipe which you can prepare, add any vegetables of your choice or even paneer and make the scrumptious sabzi at home!!

Basic Malvani GravyBasic Malvani Gravy

Malvani gravy is reddish brown in colour and very spicy because of the usage of more red chillies. Apart from authentic konkani recipes like cashew curry, use this basic gravy in rice preparations like masala bhaat.

Quick International dips

quick International dips like  Guacamole and hummus are the first names which come to Indians. Layered Mexican Dip made with avocados is another dip worth making. 

Quick International Sauces

Schezuan Sauce, Chinese Schezwan Sauce RecipeSchezuan Sauce, Chinese Schezwan Sauce Recipe

quick International sauces. Think Chinese food and one of the first sauces that comes to mind is schezuan sauce which is quick to make. For sizzlers, try this spicy pepper garlic sauce. The Lebanese Garlic Sauce is super easy to make and popular which tastes fabulous with Vegetable Crudités or Herbed Pita Strips.

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