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This colourful, delicious and easy-to-make dish combines fresh coriander leaves with the tantalizing flavour of mango to create a unique salsa.
These tangy cutlets are just what your kids would love to see on the table when they come home hungry from school!
The most popular in mexican cuisine is salsa, it taste great with tortilla chips but can also be used inside mexican wraps...very easy to make and can also be made and stored in the freezer...
The taste buds tingle the moment you imagine layers of pizza sauce and sautéed capsicum topped with cheese and baked in the oven. Indulge in this extravaganza, with a bowlful of tortilla chips.
An inseparable part of lebanese cuisine, tahini basically means a paste of roasted sesame seeds. The paste is widely used to make salad dressings, dips and sauces. In the given recipe it is combined with curds which results in a unique bitter-sour product.
Piping hot cheese fondue spiced with garlic and onions, taste great with corn and jalapenos. Quick and easy to make.
Labneh is a popular mezze dish, and serves as an interesting alternative to sour cream or cream cheese. Made from hung curds and seasoned with garlic, the pungent dip tastes great when spread on bread, bagels, or fresh pita. It has a prominent presence on the breakfast table, in middle eastern house ....
A traditional italian recipe with the distinct flavours of fresh basil, nuts, garlic and olive oil.
A flavourful, cool, fresh-tasting dip that goes well with vegetables and crackers. Just add a dash of cream cheese, sour cream and chilli, and there you have all the zing needed to lift you beyond mundane everyday worries.
Serve this easy-to-prepare warm dip to your guest with a bowl of crispy chips.
Fondue is fun whenever you serve it. Dipping, dunking and then losing morsels of food creates a friendly and informal atmosphere among friends and family. Cheese spread and milk combine to give a thick, creamy and flavourful fondue almost instantly.
A flavourful and healthy avocado-based dip, Guacamole originated in Mexico but has now become popular all over the world not just as a dip but also as a salad dressing and sandwich topping. Ensure you take ripe avocados to avoid a raw taste that displeases the taste buds! Once you have made the righ ....
Schezwan Sauce Video. If you love Oriental cooking, you must have this sauce in your larder! The Schezuan Sauce is a common addition to several Chinese recipes including noodle and vegetable preparations. It can be made quite easily with readily available ingredients, and by preparing at home you ca ....
A light and aromatic spread made of low-fat curds, parsley, garlic and spring onion greens, the Parsley Yoghurt Spread is a and protein rich recipe that is good for the heart and for controlling cholesterol. It can be served as an alternative to chutney or as a dip for finger foods.
No other mayonnaise dip can compete with this fascinating combination of mayonnaise, parsley, and coriander, spiked with onions and green chillies. Tastes great with bread sticks, toasted triangles or chips.
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