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Find a large collection of all famous Gujarati video recipes from Tarla Dalal. We have Gujarati shaak videos, Gujarati dal videos, Gujarati farsan videos.



Gujarati farsan videos

See some of our farsan videos.

1. rava dhokla video : To make instant rava dhokla mix suji, curds, green chilli paste with water, let them rest for half an hour and then steam the batter. The tempering added on top of the rava dhokla after it is cooked is the master stroke, as in the case of any dhokla recipe. It gives the semolina dhokla a fabulous aroma and special flavour. 

2. Our poha dhokla video recipe is a instant poha dhoklawith no soaking and no fermentation required. poha dhokla is made from easily available ingredients like poha, sooji and curds. 

3. Bhaat Na Poodla video is a wonderful Indian pancake made with mashed leftover rice, whole wheat flour, besan, curds and spices. 
Bhaat Na Poodla :  tastes best when cooked patiently till crisp. Coriander, normally treated as a simple garnish, plays a greater role in this recipe as it imparts the dominant flavour and colour.

Gujarati khichdi videos 

1. yellow moong dal and rice cooked together with peppercorns and flavoured with ghee, moong dal khichdi video recipe  is a light and healthy meal despite the rich texture that the ghee and dal impart to it. 

2. We have got you a perfect, healthy and tummy filling khichdi recipe "fada ni khichdi video recipe". Fada translates to broken wheat, lapsi, dalia or bulgar wheat. We have used the very nutritive and healthy dalia as the main ingredients which makes the fada ni khichdi super nutritive too.