samosa patti

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Also known as:
samosa pati

Samosa patti are the long broad strips made of wheat or maida flour. This serves as an outer covering for the stuffing. Ideal samosa patti should have a crust that's neither too thin nor thick - it should be crisp but not too flaky.

How to Select
Ready-made samosa Pattis are available at most provision stores will help you to assemble this snack quickly. Just check that they are not sticky and confirm on its freshness. However, it can be made at home too with the right proportions.

Culinary Uses
· Crisp patti samosas filled with a spicy green peas and French bean mixture tastes delicious.
· Samosa Patti with the filling of your choice can be deep fried or baked in oven too with minimal coating of oil.
. It can be finely chopped or shredded as per recipe requirements.

How to Store
Use it fresh as far as possible. However, if you have to store keep it wrapped in the refrigerator and use it in a week's time for maximum crispiness.