Oreo Milkshake Video by Tarla Dalal

Oreo Milkshake Video by Tarla Dalal

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The ever-popular kiddies’ treat, Oreo Milkshake is given a complete makeover to make it appeal to adults too. Blended with a combo of vanilla and chocolate ice-creams, together with a dash of coffee to balance the flavour, this luscious milkshake has a creamy texture and intense flavour that shakes up the taste buds! Top it with whipped cream and more crushed Oreo biscuits for a memorable experience that you wish would never end.

Recipe Description for Oreo Milkshake

Preparation Time: 
Makes 4 glasses
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For Oreo Milkshake
10 oreo cookies (chocolate flavoured)
1/2 cup chocolate ice cream
3/4 cup vanilla ice cream
1 cup chilled milk
1/2 tsp instant coffee powder

For The Garnish
whipped cream
coarsely crushed oreo cookies (chocolate flavoured)


For oreo milkshake

  1. To make {span class="bold1"}oreo milkshake{/span}, combine all the ingredients and blend in a mixer till it is semi-smooth and frothy.
  2. Pour equal quantities of the milkshake into 4 individual glasses.
  3. Keep refrigerated till serving.
  4. Just before serving, garnish the {span class="bold1"}oreo milkshake{/span} with whipped cream and oreo cookies and serve immediately.
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