Papaya Pineapple Juice

Papaya Pineapple Juice

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papaya pineapple juice recipe | healthy pineapple papaya juice | papaya juice benefits | with 4 amazing images.

Papaya pineapple juice is a satiating concoction which can be served for breakfast or as a healthy snack option as well. Healthy pineapple papaya juice is a quick fix up recipe which is so eye appealing that it’s difficult to resist. Try it out and learn about papaya juice benefits too.

There is a wise combination of fruits when it comes to taste and texture of papaya pineapple juice, because the mild sweetness and tang of papaya and pineapple complement each other well, just as their creamy and juicy consistencies do.

You would never have imagined that there is such a tasty way to staying young! Well, this delectable pineapple papaya juice gives you ample vitamins like C and A, which keeps your skin glowing and wrinkle free. This is because Vitamin C helps in collagen synthesis. The vitamin A helps in clear vision and delaying the macular degeneration and cataract of the eyes.

Papaya is also known to show laxative effect and prevent constipation. Pineapple, on the other hand, goes ahead to build your immunity and provide disease resistance power. So the combo of two in the form of papaya pineapple juice will not disappoint you.

Serve this healthy pineapple papaya juice on days you have no time to whip up a breakfast or snack.

Enjoy papaya pineapple juice recipe | healthy pineapple papaya juice | papaya juice benefits | with step by step photos.

Papaya Pineapple Juice recipe - How to make Papaya Pineapple Juice

Preparation Time:    Cooking Time:    Total Time:     2Makes 2 glasses
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For Papaya Pineapple Juice
2 cups papaya cubes
1 cup pineapple cubes
4 ice-cubes

For papaya pineapple juice

    For papaya pineapple juice
  1. To make papaya pineapple juice, combine all the ingredients along with ¾ cup of cold water in a mixer and blend till smooth.
  2. Pour the papaya pineapple juice into 2 individual glasses and serve immediately.
Nutrient values (Abbrv) per glass
Energy83 cal
Protein1.2 g
Carbohydrates19 g
Fiber3.4 g
Fat0.2 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Sodium37.4 mg
Papaya Pineapple Juice recipe with step by step photos

If you like papaya pineapple juice

    If you like papaya pineapple juice
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Benefits of Papaya Pineapple Juice

    Benefits of Papaya Pineapple Juice
  1. Papaya pineapple juice is an antioxidant boost. 
  2. Vitamin A and C work towards a flawless skin. 
  3. Papaya aids in preventing and overcoming constipation.
  4. A glass of this juice fulfils your total day's requirement of vitamin C.
  5. The juice has been made in mixer and not strained, thus full of fiber. This helps to keep you satiated for long time.
  6. No additional sugar has been added so its totally natural.
  7. Heart patients, women with PCOS, kids, cancer patients with low appetite, people with hypothyroidism and senior citizen can opt for this juice.
  8. Diabetics should avoid this juice as it is concentrated source of fructose - the fruit sugar.

For Papaya Pineapple Juice

    For Papaya Pineapple Juice
  1. To make papaya pineapple juice recipe | healthy pineapple papaya juice | papaya juice benefits | buy the correct papaya. If you want to eat them within a day of purchase, choose papayas that have reddish-orange skin and are slightly soft to the touch. The ripe papaya should have a sweet aroma. 
  2. Wash, peel and make cubes of papaya. Add these to the mixer jar. 
  3. Next to make healthy pineapple papaya juice, choose the correct pineapple. They have a wide cylindrical shape, a scaly green, brown or yellow skin and a regal crown of spiny, blue-green leaves and fibrous yellow flesh. Make cubes of pineapple and add them also to the mixer jar.
  4. Add ¾ cup of water to it and blend till smooth. Place ice-cubes in 3 glasses and pour papaya pineapple juice over it. Serve it immediately.


Papaya Pineapple Juice
 on 04 Dec 15 09:11 AM

I loved the combination in this juice of papaya and pineapple, it is not only filling but tasty too. I drink this often for breakfast.