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लंच में फरसाण रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Farsan recipes for Lunch in Hindi)
બપોરના અલ્પાહાર ફરસાણ રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Farsan recipes for Lunch in Gujarati)

Farsan recipes for Lunch | popular Indian snacks for lunch |

Farsan recipes for Lunch | popular Indian snacks for lunch | Farsan one of the best part in a lunch or dinner thali, as it just makes you hungrier for next course. In every regional cuisine there are variety of option for farsan. Like in Gujarati you have dhokla, mini samosa or patra.

Khatta Dhokla Using Homemade FlourKhatta Dhokla Using Homemade Flour

In South Indian you have rasam vada or medu vada. Try more options for farsan and make your meal interesting.

Dapka KadhiDapka Kadhi

Dhokla farsan for lunch

Khaman Dhokla all-time favourite Gujarati street food that is served with peppy green chutney at tea time. It has an exquisite texture and appetizing flavour. Toovar Methi Na Dhokla it appealing to spice lovers, while the goodness of toovar dal and methi makes it acceptable to the health-conscious as well. 

Khaman DhoklaKhaman Dhokla

Khandvi tightly-rolled up sheets, neatly cut and tempered attractively, the visual appeal is so strong you just cannot pass the plate by without picking one.

 Khandvi ( Besan Gujarati Khandvi) Khandvi ( Besan Gujarati Khandvi)

Muthia farsan for lunch

Cabbage Jowar Muthias an interesting, rustic flavour that is sure to go down well with everybody, especially when prepared interestingly. 

 Cabbage Jowar Muthias, How To Make Muthia At Home  Cabbage Jowar Muthias, How To Make Muthia At Home

Bajra Onion Muthia these muthias also have a tongue-tickling flavour thanks to peppy but readily-available spice powders, and are sure to be enjoyed by everybody. 

 Bajra Onion Muthia, Bajra Onion Kadhai MuthiaBajra Onion Muthia, Bajra Onion Kadhai Muthia

Doodhi Muthia a zesty flavour while a traditional tempering of mustard and sesame seeds gives it an appetizing aroma and awesome crunch. 

 Doodhi Muthia ( Gujarati Recipe) Doodhi Muthia ( Gujarati Recipe)

Steamed Indian snacks for farsan 

Rava Dhokla mix suji, curds, green chilli paste with water, let them rest for half an hour and then steam the batter. 

Rava DhoklaRava Dhokla

Corn Panki a unique batter of grated sweet corn, besan and rava is used to make this delicious and satiating Panki. 

Palak Methi Na Muthia are mostly steamed and very nutritious but, you can even fry them to make a crispy evening snack. They can be eaten as an evening snack with tea, breakfast or farsan.              

 Palak Methi Na Muthia, Gujarati Recipe Palak Methi Na Muthia, Gujarati Recipe

Fried Indian snacks as farsan 

Methi Kela Dapka Crisp and flavour-packed whole wheat flour dapkas with the mild sweetness of bananas and the perky taste of fenugreek leaves. Crispy Whole Wheat  Muthia fist-shaped deep-fried snacks made from a dough of whole wheat flour and dried kasuri methi, flavoured excitingly with sugar and spices.

 Crispy Whole Wheat Muthia, Jar SnackCrispy Whole Wheat Muthia, Jar Snack

Chana Dal Bhajiya batter is reinforced with a little bit of rice flour which makes it firmer and improves the colour and crispness. 

Mag Dal Ni Kachori Crispy, flaky shells with a delectably spicy filling of cooked and seasoned yellow moong dal, every bite of these kachoris is worth a fortune! these can be eaten as a snack, or along with your meals. 

 Mag Dal Ni Kachori ( Gujarati Recipe) Mag Dal Ni Kachori ( Gujarati Recipe)

Dakor Na Gota a savory snack, super quick and easy snack to make. Gujarati gram flour fritters is flavorful and can be used as a party starter too.

 Dakor Na Gota ( Gujarati Recipe)  Dakor Na Gota ( Gujarati Recipe)

Enjoy our Farsan recipes for Lunch | popular Indian snacks for lunch | and other Lunch Recipe ideas below.

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