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गले में खराश , दर्द के लिए आहार - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Home Remedies Sore Throat, Throat Pain recipes in Hindi)
ગળામાં વેદના / દુખાવો માટેનો આહાર - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Home Remedies Sore Throat, Throat Pain recipes in Gujarati)

Indian home remedies for sore throat and throat pain

What is Sore Throat? Sore throat is inflammation (infection) of the throat.

Causes of Sore Throat
• Infection like a cold and cough
• Pollution
• Allergy, especially dust
• Change of weather

Indian Remedies to tackle sore throat:

Though there is not much one can do to make it disappear at will, these remedies are sure to make your throat feel a lot better.
1. Salt water gargle: Gargling with warm water made by dissolving ½ tsp of salt in a cup of warm water, is a tried and tested remedy. Repeat this as often as possible for a speedy recovery.Salt-and-Sugar-Drink-for-DiarrhoeaNew
2. Clove (laung / lavang): Two to three lightly roasted cloves should be kept in the mouth. The oils released from the cloves help to soothe the throat and also keeps your breath fresh.

3. Cinnamon (dalchini): Add a tsp of cinnamon powder and a tsp of honey to a cup of warm water and sip on it. We have explained this in the recipe of Ginger Cinnamon Tea, which has a hint of honey too.

Ginger Cinnamon TeaGinger Cinnamon Tea

4. Lemon: Combine the juice of ½ lemon with 1 tsp of honey in a cup of hot water and sip it while it is still warm.

Repeat this at least two or three times a day. Add some ginger to it and you are seit in to make Honey Ginger Tea.

Honey Ginger Tea for Cold and CoughHoney Ginger Tea for Cold and Cough

5. Ajwain (carom seeds): A quarter to half tsp of ajwain mixed in warm milk helps to ease the sore throat. Check out the recipe of Ajwain and Turmeric Milk

Ajwain and Turmeric MilkAjwain and Turmeric Milk

6. Tulsi (Indian basil): A concoction made by boiling tulsi leaves in water is a very well known remedy for sore throat. See the recipe of Tulsi Tea.

Tulsi TeaTulsi Tea

Indian Foods to be Avoided with sore throat
• Spicy, oily and salty foods
• Aerated drinks and alcohol
• Deep-fried foods
• Ice-creams
• Confectionery and mithai
• Pickles, canned and preserved foods

Easy Tips for Soothing a Sore Throat

1. Try to serve foods at room temperature or lukewarm as hot food may cause throat irritation.

2. Have semi-liquid and soft foods which do not require much chewing. However eat enough to meet up your daily nutrient requirement. For example, a bland khichdi, a milk shake, roti dipped in dal are all good choices to ease a sore throat.

Moong Dal Khichdi, Gujarati RecipeMoong Dal Khichdi, Gujarati Recipe

3. Do not eat meals in a hurry as this may be irritating for the throat. Sit down in one place and eat in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.
4. Avoid smoking as it aggravates the throat and interferes with the infection-fighting activity of the cells.
5. REST a lot as it gives your body a better chance to fight off the virus.

Ginger Milk Recipe, Home Remedies for Cough ColdGinger Milk Recipe, Home Remedies for Cough Cold

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