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ग्लूटेन मुक्त व्यंजनों | लस मुक्त | ग्लूटिन फ्री - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Gluten Free Veg Indian recipes in Hindi)
ગ્લૂટન વગરનાં વ્યંજન - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Gluten Free Veg Indian recipes in Gujarati)

What is Gluten?

Gluten - a protein found in wheat, semolina (rava) and its products. This condition, called gluten-sensitivity, requires one to eat foods without this particular protein. Many Indians cannot think of a meal without wheat and its by-products, but it is possible - and very tastily too!

It is a must to adapt to such recipes, because those who are gluten-intolerant need to nevertheless consume balanced meals. This section will help you achieve just that, with its vast range of recipes, which span all age groups and preferences. These delicious gluten free breakfast, gluten free Indian snacksgluten free rotis and gluten free parathasgluten free Indian desserts and some special, gluten free kids-friendly Indian recipes, will show you that gluten-free meals can be quite peppy too! And, all it takes to make these ever-popular favourites gluten-free are slight changes in the ingredients and cooking methods!

Gluten Free Indian Breakfast Recipes

Jowar Palak appe, is one such example which makes use of only jowar flour, spinach and a handful of spices. Just mix them, add water and pour the batter into apple mound. Then 5 minutes is the only wait time before you can cook and serve them.

Jowar Palak AppeJowar Palak Appe

Upma is a favourite breakfast fare in many parts of India. Being made with semolina, it doesn’t form a part of a gluten free diet. You can it in the form of Quinoa Upma, which has a similar texture and taste.

Quinoa Veg Upma, Vegan BreakfastQuinoa Veg Upma, Vegan Breakfast

There are other classic South Indian options to relish as well. 

1. Brown Rice Dosa to 

2. Poha Dosa  with Coconut Chutney

Gluten Free Indian Roti Recipes

Rotis are indefinitety the staple food of India. And wheat flour rotis are made in most households daily. However, if you check the list, wheat flour, maida, semolina and barley flour are only gluten rich flours which you have to avoid. All the other flours like bajra flour, jowar flour, ragi flour, arrowroot flour, buckwheat flour, rajgira flour etc. all can be stored in your pantry and explored to make a variety of dishes.

Bajra Cauliflower Roti which is perked with spring onions, garlic and ginger-green chilli paste is a delight in every bite. Serve it with a sabzi or a bowl of curd.

Bajra and Cauliflower RotiBajra and Cauliflower Roti

Mouth-wateringly tasty Suva Buckwheat Rotis flavoured with aromatic dill leaves, this recipe is a delightful treat for your palate. Here we have used a combination of buckwheat and jowar flour. Remember to serve them immediately, else they may turn dry.

Suva Buckwheat RotiSuva Buckwheat Roti

You can make Karnataka’s famous Akki Roti, which is made with rice flour and further made aromatic and flavoursome with the use of onions, carrot, coconut, garlic, ginger, green chillies and coriander. This roti has a very soft dough, which isn’t rolled but patted directly on the tava and cooked.

Akki Roti, Karnataka Rice Flour RotiAkki Roti, Karnataka Rice Flour Roti

Gluten Free Indian Paratha Recipes

Similarly, parathas are also not tricky. With the use of same gluten free flours you can make explore making all in one paratha to even stuffed paratha.

Spice the bland jowar flour correctly and present it in the form of Cabbage Jowar Paratha.  Just mix all together and make into an awesome paratha. The secret to getting a perfectly textured paratha is to cook it well. Cook them on a slow to medium flame till they show unifom golden brown spots on both sides.

Cabbage Jowar ParathaCabbage Jowar Paratha

On days you want to enjoy a heavy meal in itself, go in for Stuffed Buckwheat Paratha. It is made with buckwheat and rice flour and stuffed with corn, capsicum, tomatoes and cheese. This interesting variation is sure to win hearts.

Stuffed Buckwheat ParathaStuffed Buckwheat Paratha   

As an interesting option you can serve Rajgira Paratha Canape. This gluten free paratha is exciting and unique, and not very difficult to prepare, so you can confidently go ahead and try it for any meal of the day. Ensure to roll the canapes between 2 sheets of plastic.

Rajgira Paratha CanapeRajgira Paratha Canape

Indian Gluten Free Kids Recipes

Cooking a gluten free fare is challenging and doing so for a kid is testing your true culinary skills. By now you must have definitely mastered making gluten free rotis and parathas, dig into this section to find more interesting recipes to please kids who cannot tolerate gluten.

All kids love pizzas! But the pizzas base being made with maida or durum wheat (both by products of wheat), it is not suggested as a gluten free fare. Here we present a gluten free pizza – Bhakhri Pizza. The base is made with jowar flour and bajra flour and cooked till crisp. Make your own pizza sauce to top on this healthy base, garnish with cheese and enjoy it!

Bhakhri PizzaBhakhri Pizza

Secondly what features on their list is pasta. Well, all you have to do is buy the gluten free pasta available in the market and mix and match with the veggies and sauce of your kid’s choice. A simple Gluten Free Pasta in Tomato Sauce is what you can surely try at home.

Gluten-free Pasta in Tomato SauceGluten-free Pasta in Tomato Sauce

Pasta can also be presented in the form of Dry Pasta Snack. We have used spiral shaped pasta but you can experiment with different pasta shapes and colours, taking care not to over-boil the pasta to prevent breakage while frying. The dried mixed herbs in which the fried pasta is tossed bags the credit here.

Dry Pasta Jar SnackDry Pasta Jar Snack

Sev Puri is another snack which all of us love to indulge into. Again, the puris being made with maida or wheat flour is a disappointment for kids. We have made the puris with maize flour and also given a twist to the traditional recipe by topping with a corn mixture and tomato chutney. Make Gluten Free Corn Sev Puri for kid’s birthday party and you are sure to get an applause.

Corn Sev PurisCorn Sev Puris

Gluten Free Indian Mithai / Dessert Recipes

Atta ladoo, rava ladoo, roti ladoo and atte ka sheera are some mouth-watering mithais which are difficult to resist. But Indian cuisine is quite vast. There is a lot more to explore.

You can try Besan Ladoo to Peanut Ladoo. Ready in 15 minutes, these can be carried to work or enjoyed as an after-dinner treat. The rich, nutty flavour of coarsely crushed peanuts sweetened with sugar is accentuated by the aroma of ghee and the mild hints of cardamom in this Indian sweet.

Peanut Ladoo RecipePeanut Ladoo Recipe

We are sure you must have yearned for cakes. While gluten free pastas are available, gluten free cakes aren’t so common. You can try our Gluten Free Chocolate Sponge Cake made with jowar flour. Though the recipe makes use of sugar substitute, you can make it with sugar. Enjoy it with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream.

With striking similarities in flavour and colour, powdered cashewnuts and grated coconut get along very well in this exciting Kaju Kopra Sheera. You will surely not miss the attae ka sheera.

Kaju Kopra SheeraKaju Kopra Sheera

You can also try Jowar Banana Sheera. With young kids who have started weaning, love to lick on this smooth sweet. Bananas add extra flavour, compensating for the bland taste of the jowar flour.

Jowar Banana SheeraJowar Banana Sheera

Here are some other gluten free halwas for you to try.

1.  Our gajar ka halwa with khoya is a Punjabi carrot halwa recipe. Many a shortcut there might be, but sometimes the traditional method of making a mithai yields the richest taste! This authentic recipe of authentic gajar ka halwa proves that!

Gajar ka Halwa, Carrot HalwaGajar ka Halwa, Carrot Halwa

2. Anjeer Halwa : Richness personified, the Anjeer Halwa is a really striking dessert made of puréed figs, powdered almonds and milk powdered, cooked with ghee and a little bit of sugar to add to the natural sweetness of figs.

Anjeer HalwaAnjeer Halwa

3. Doodhi Halwa : A traditional mithai that everybody has a reason to like—some for the taste, some for the goodness of doodhi and milk, and some for the warm feeling it instils on a rainy day!

Doodhi ka HalwaDoodhi ka Halwa

Ingredients to avoid for Gluten Free Veg Diet

  Ingredients to avoid for Gluten Free Veg Diet
1. Whole Wheat
2. Sooji (Rava, Semolina)
3. Dalia (Bulgar Wheat)
4. Maida (Plain Flour)
5. Barley
6. Rye

Indian Veg Foods to Avoid for Gluten Free Diet

  Indian Veg Foods to Avoid for Gluten Free Diet
1. Roti
2. Paratha
3. Rava Dosa
4. Naan
5. Kulcha
6. Upma
7. Pav
8. Sev Puri
9. Samosa
10. Papadi
11. Mathri
12. Pastry
13. Cakes
14. Burgers
15. Biscuits
16. Cookies
17. Pasta
18. Noodles
19. Bread
20. Pizza

Enjoy our Gluten Free Indian Veg Recipes and other gluten free article below.

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