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Italian Vegetarian Appetizers recipes

Italian Vegetarian Appetizers recipes. Italian Appetizers and Snacks recipes. Crostinis are perfect to serve as appetizers at parties. They set a very upbeat mood right at the beginning, with their attractive appearance and irresistible taste. Olive oil or butter brushed slices of French bread when toasted or grilled become crispy.

इटैलियन एपीटाईझर - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Italian Appetizers recipes in Hindi)
ઇટાલિયન અૅપીટાઇઝર - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Italian Appetizers recipes in Gujarati)

Mango and Burrata Cheese CrostiniMango and Burrata Cheese Crostini

You can top them with yummy ingredients, ranging from cheese and herbs to sauces and veggies. The overall mouth-feel and taste of the crostini is an interplay of all these ingredients. For your next party, try making a platter full of assorted crostinis from the following options:

  1. Ricotta and Cherry Tomato Crostini
  2. Burrata Cheese and Garlic Crostini
  3. Ricotta and Spinach Crostini

Baked Eggplants Topped with CurdsBaked Eggplants Topped with Curds

If not crostini, you can even use cracker and cook up a cheesy mixture and make delectable Mushroom Snack. The combination of tomato and basil works very well with any type of cheese. Be it a pizza, pasta dish or an Italian appetizer like Layered Burrata Cheese and Tomatoes. The fresh flavours are a real delight for the palette.

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Avocado and Coconut Crostini recipe
Crositinis as perfect to serve as starters at parties. They set a very upbeat mood right at the beginning, with their attractive appearance and irresistible taste. Olive oil brushed slices of grilled or toasted bread are topped with yummy ingredients, ranging from cheese and herbs to sauces and ....
Mango and Burrata Cheese Crostini recipe
If you want to start a party on the perfect note, start with crostinis. Dainty crisped pieces of bread with delectable toppings, crostinis are amongst the world’s most favourite starters . This one, ....
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Ricotta and Cherry Tomato Crostini recipe
This is a neat little Italian appetizer made of crispy bread, topped with crumbled ricotta cheese, colourful cherry tomatoes, aromatic herbs and tongue-tickling spices. A brushing of olive oil makes it all the more appealing to the palate. Indeed, the Ricott ....
Baked Eggplants Topped with Curds recipe
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Layered Burrata Cheese and Tomatoes recipe
Burrata is a special type of cheese made with mozzarella and cream. This unusual Italian cheese has a soft texture and fresh flavour, which combines beautifully with breads as well as veggies. In this innovative starter, tomato slices are layered with burrat ....
Burrata Cheese and Garlic Crostini recipe
Herby, garlicky and cheesy, this crostini easily classifies as amazing! Crispy, golden brown pieces of French bread are laced with olive oil and topped with an enticing combination of cheese, garlic and herbs with a sprinkling of chilli flakes for added spice. The Burrata Cheese and Garlic C ....
Ricotta and Spinach  Crostini recipe
Dainty little slices of crisp bread, topped with appetizing ingredients like cheese, veggies, herbs and sauces, crostinis are undoubtedly one of the most popular starters from the Italian repertoire. A platter of Cro ....
Ricotta and Basil  Crostini recipe
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How To Make A Basic Crostini recipe
Crostini is a very versatile and popular appetizer of Italian origin. This classic dish is made with small slices of grilled or toasted bread, usually brushed with butter or olive oil, and topped with varied ingredients like cheese, vegetables, herbs and sau ....
Avocado and Cherry Tomato Crostini recipe
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Mushroom Snack recipe
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