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50 agar-agar recipes

Last Updated : Sep 11,2020

अगार-अगार रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (agar-agar recipes in Hindi)
અગાર-અગાર રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (agar-agar recipes in Gujarati)

50 agar-agar recipes | china grass recipe collection |

china grass recipes. agar agar recipe collection. This is the vegetarian counterpart of gelatin for recipes that require to be vegetarian. Made from red algae or sea weed, Agar-agar is used for setting purposes. It sets jellies, custards and even puddings and has superior setting quality. Agar-agar was first discovered in Japan and since then is being used to It is known as china grass in India and is used to set Indian Desserts as well. To use it in food, it has to be first soaked in hot water for approximately 30 minutes.

Indian recipes using Agar-Agar

Fig and Cardamom Delight
Fig and Cardamom Delight

Especially in a country like India which is known for its huge population of vegetarians, it is essential to find an option that meets the requirements of such a large population. This is where Agar-Agar comes in handy. Because of its fabulous gelling properties and on account of being vegetarian, agar-agar is great for setting different types of Indian desserts that need that quality.

Thandai Mousse is the perfect combination of western and Indian flavors. With almonds, khus-khus and a thandai syrup to tie it all together, it will taste much better than regular thandai when eaten in the form of a mousse. Fig and Cardamom Delight is made the same way with delicious flavors coming together and being set to a mousse like consistency in glass or bowl.

Dessert recipes using China grass

Caramel Custard
Caramel Custard ( Eggless)

The growing popularity of vegetarianism is really putting Agar-Agar on the forefront. Moreover, it gives a better texture than gelatin post setting. One of my most favorite recipes to make with this is Caramel Custard as it is the perfect amalgamation of sweet, sticky and glossy. Apart from custards, it is used to set pies as well, the most delicious one being a Lemon pie with a Chocolate Crust.  The fluffy and light lemon pie is set over a sweet chocolate base to cut through the lemony flavor!

If you want to know more about the Uses of Agar Agar, then you can check out our article on that.

There are many more dessert recipes that can be made with Agar-Agar. Scroll down below to check them out!

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Here is a mousse with a desi dimension to it! thandai mousse would be appropriate for occasions like holi and other indian festivals or get-togethers. The rich ingredients like almonds, khus-khus and cardamom that are present in the thandai syrup give a slightly spicy touch to this mousse. This reci ....
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Light and fluffy lemon pie is set on a crunchy chocolate crust. Garnish this pie with layer of sweetened cream and a slice of lemon for an added effect.
This sumptuous, easy-to-make, sweet dish can be made in advance and refrigerated. Figs have been used as they are low in calories as compared to other dried fruits and are also rich in fibre. To control the calorie count further, I have used low-fat milk and restricted the sugar to minimal.
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