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135 chopped mixed vegetables recipes

Last Updated : Nov 21,2020

कटी हुई मिली-जुली सब्जियाँ रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (chopped mixed vegetables recipes in Hindi)
સમારેલી મિક્સ શાકભાજી રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (chopped mixed vegetables recipes in Gujarati)

Chopped Mixed Vegetables Recipes, Indian Chopped Mixed Vegetables Recipes

Chopped Mixed Vegetables Recipes, Indian Chopped Mixed Vegetables Recipes. This refers to a mix of different vegetables, cut in different shapes and sizes that are used together in a variety of dishes. Usually the vegetables used are a mix of French beans, cauliflower, carrots, green peas and potatoes but it can be easily changed up to what the recipe desires. These vegetables can be chopped, julienned or even cubed but here we are talking about chopped vegetables.

Indian Chopped Mixed Vegetable Recipes

Chopped vegetables add different textures together in one dish. This mix of veggies is very commonly used in Indian recipes ranging from rice and snacks to even parathas and of course, subzis.

Patiala Style Mixed Vegetables- This vegetable preparation comes all the way from Punjab. It is made in a slightly sweet milk gravy with the rich aroma of cardamom and cinnamon coming through. The fact that the veggies and masalas are sautéed in ghee makes this dish even tastier.

Mixed Vegetables Patiala StyleMixed Vegetables Patiala Style

Vegetable Pulao – this is a rice delight that is loaded with tons of vegetables and flavored slightly with spices like cinnamon, cloves and bay leaf. There are many versions of this classic which can be mild flavored or strong.

Masaledar Parathe – These parathas are not only delicious but they score high on a nutritional scale as well. An assortment of spices and veggies are combined and stuffed in the dough to make thin, flavorful parathas.

Snack Recipes with Mixed Vegetables

Adding a few veggies to some snacks makes them healthier and tastier.  All the below snacks are relatively easy to make, super fun to eat and will be loved by all!

Open Paneer Masala Toast – The soft paneer and crunchy vegetables come together to make this intense flavor giver! A dash of certain spices is added to further enhance the taste of the toast. This is the perfect snack for tea time.

Veg Stuffed Idlis – This amazing snack combines soft idlis and delicious veggies. The batter is very simple, just combine all ingredients together and let it ferment overnight. Then, while steaming, the batter is stuffed with sautéed veggies to make these delights.

Veg Stufffed Idlis
Veg Stufffed Idlis

Cheese and Vegetable Sticks - Baked cheese straws are the perfect evening snack. Adding vegetables to them gives them a scrumptious twist.

International Chopped Mixed Vegetables Recipes

Sesame fingers – one of the most loved snacks of the Chinese cuisine, this recipe calls for sliced bread on which shredded veggies are used as a topping and then batter-fried. These fingers are crunchy and tasty!

Sesame FingersSesame Fingers

Thai Sub Sandwich – a combination of an American sub sandwich and classic Thai flavors, this creamy sandwich will please all Thai food lovers! With hints of coconuts, crunchy veggies and a sweet chilli sauce, this recipe is a must try!

Benefits of Chopped Mixed Vegetables

Chopped Mixed Vegetables : You get the benefits of lots of nutrients as you are using cauliflowercarrotscabbagefrench beans and green peas. Cauliflower is extremely low in carbs and therefore does not raise blood glucose levels.  Rich in Antioxidant and read here for detailed benefits of cauliflower. Cabbage is low in cal, relieves constipation, good for diabetics and see here all benefits of cabbage.  Green peas are good for weight loss, good source of vegetarian protein, has insoluble fibre to relieve constipation. Is green peas good for diabetics and see full benefits of green peas

Do try our other Chopped Mixed Vegetables Recipes, Indian Chopped Mixed Vegetables Recipes.

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