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71 tabasco sauce recipes

Last Updated : Jul 06,2019

टबैस्को सॉस रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (tabasco sauce recipes in Hindi)
ટબૅસ્કો સૉસ રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (tabasco sauce recipes in Gujarati)

Tabasco Sauce Recipes

Tabasco sauce is a spicy, red colored sauce that originated in the USA. Even though it is made with only 3 ingredients – red peppers, salt and vinegar, it takes at least 3 years to produce. The red colored peppers are crushed and left to age for about 3 years to enhance their flavor and then mixed in with the vinegar and salt. This condiment is ideal to fulfill any spicy needs one might have due to its rich, spicy and tangy taste.

Tabasco Recipes for Snacks

Being one of the most used hot sauces around the world, one can only imagine the dishes to which you can add this wonder ingredient. This sauce can be used to make other epic sauces as well, like a smoky barbecue sauce which is the marination for a Grilled Hot and Sweet Paneer. The best part about tabasco is that one drop makes a lot of difference so just spread some spicy tabasco over a Creamy Spinach Toast or a Grilled Corn Toast to add a zingy, hot taste to them.

Creamy Spinach ToastCreamy Spinach Toast

Simply add a few drops to a veggie mayo mix and stuff it inside the Mayo Veggie Curd Sandwich for a strong and spicy flavor against the coolness of the curd. It’s a fact that Mexican food is really spicy with a kick of chilli. Chilli Con Carne, or Spicy Refried Beans, is a Mexican specialty where kidney beans are cooked down in a thick sauce of onions, garlic, tomatoes and chilli sauce. Many recipes also make use of tabasco to add that extra kick of chillies to it.

Innovative Tabasco Sauce Recipes

Due to the unique taste, this sauce can be used in many different ways, in many different dishes. A really new way to eat this sauce is to add to it so soups. These soups can be either hot soups or cold soups, or even made with unalike ingredients. Gazpacho, a Spanish cold soup which is made by simply blending the ingredients together gives a punch of spiciness because of the tabasco peppers and it tastes wonderful.

Cheesy Corn Dip with Toasted TrianglesCheesy Corn Dip with Toasted Triangles

As strange as it sounds, one of the main ingredients of the mocktail, Virgin Mary, is hot sauce! this tomato based drink, the non-alcoholic counter part of bloody mary, can be enjoyed any time of the day, all throughout the year! Better the taste of different dips like the Cheesy corn dip and a Yogurt Dip by adding a little spicy tabasco to the mix.

Enjoy our  recipes using tabasco below. 

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A unique drink with an intermingling taste of tomato juice and worcestershire sauce with a dash of lemon and pepper.
A rich soup that is low in calories but high in carbohydrates, fibre and iron. Puréed beans give this soup a smooth rich consistency without the addition of thickeners like flour, milk, cream etc. This satisfying soup will agree well with you even if you are suffering from nausea.
A classic breakfast option to prepare on days when you have half an hour to spare. For those who find bread dry and slow to ingest without oodles of butter or cheese, the creamy and moist spinach filling provides a low-cal alternative. The creamy spinach toast adds up to just 26 calories per piece, ....
Grilled vegetable toast, a delectable crunchy toast pepped up with cheese and vegetables, giving a creamy flavour to the toast.
A chunky, cheesy delight that is sure to bowl you over! Baked Kidney Beans with Alfredo Sauce features tortillas packed with a fabulously peppy stuffing of kidney beans, chunky veggies and sauces, and laced with creamy Alfredo Sauce. Alfredo Sauce seems similar to continental white sauce, but ....
A rich delicious meal of refried beans baked with layers of tortilla, mixed vegetables, white sauce and cheese. Rajma is cooked with spices, onions and tomatoes and layered in a dish with tortillas made of a combination flour. Try this, its delicious! add your private note
This is a snack that you will love to have, any time and any where! Packed with an aesthetic combination of veggies like capsicum, baby corn and onions in a creamy base seasoned with pepper, these warm hot dog rolls are a delight to bite into. A few drops of Tabasco sauce do their bit in enhanci ....
Truly unique, this Yellow Moong Toast is sure to become a hot favourite with anybody who tastes it. Bread is topped with a lip-smacking mixture of mashed potatoes and moong dal paste spiced up with myriad peppy ingredients, and deep-fried in oil till really crisp and golden brown in colour. This app ....
This soup's ready in a jiffy and its full-bodied flavours emerge beautifully with each spoonful.
A five-star hit with kids! the combination of cottage cheese and cream results in a truly luscious spread, which none can resist. Serve these rolls plain, lightly toasted or grilled.
Crunchy baby corn and roughly chopped spinach make a great combination for soup. The clear soup dotted with baby corn discs and green spinach leaves is a treat to the eye as much as it is to taste. A bit of tabasco sauce endows the soup with just the right amount of spice. It tastes super when ....
With or without rajma, with one stuffing or the other, burritos are always a great option for a weekend snack as much as for a party – it is quite a meal in itself. You can have a free hand with the stuffing and experiment with choices of your own – just ensure that they are healthy! You must ....
Bread is always a hot favourite with kids, and toasted triangles tops the charts. Cheesy Corn Dip with Toasted Triangles is an exciting way of serving up your kids’ favourite snack with an exotic, homemade dip rather than opting for run-of-the-mill accompaniments like jam or standard dips like chees ....
The chewy texture of mushrooms and the crispness of capsicum are a good combination, especially when they are sautéed minimally such that they retain their characteristics. Apart from using aromatic oregano, this preparation of Capsicum and Mushrooms with Oregano also stands out in its use of Tabasc ....
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