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365 walnuts recipes

Last Updated : Nov 24,2020

अखरोट रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (walnuts recipes in Hindi)
અખરોટ રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (walnuts recipes in Gujarati)

365 walnuts recipes | Indian Akhrot recipes

Walnuts recipes | Indian Akhrot recipes. Walnuts are a delicious way to add extra nutrition, flavor and crunch to a meal. It is a great source of those all-important omega-3 fatty acids.

Walnut-SheeraWalnut Sheera

Dips and salad using walnuts 

Dips and salads can be served as starters. Try these recipes and serve them in parties and entertain your guests.

1.      Red Capsicum and Walnut Dip a delight to put on the table, because of its vibrant colour, mind-blowing flavour and exquisite texture. Red capsicum adds spicy notes to this tasty dip, while walnut improves the texture and gives an exotic flavour too.

Red Capsicum and Walnut Dip, Lebanese DipRed Capsicum and Walnut Dip, Lebanese Dip

2.      Crunchy Salad with Curd Bread Mayonnaise  a delicious salad that is packed with the goodness of curds and walnuts, which make it a storehouse of protein and calcium.

3.      Sweet Potato Salad with Mustard and Curd Dressing  Soft sweet potatoes, juicy apples and crunchy capsicum provide an exciting mix-and-match of textures, which is further enhanced by the addition of walnuts, which brings in a rustic texture and taste.

4.      Mixed Fruit Creole Salad a never-before combination of rice, nuts, coconut and multi-coloured, multi-flavoured fruits come together with a unique dressing, which features ingredients like Tabasco sauce and mayonnaise that you would not commonly associate with fruits!

5.      Muhhamarra an unusual dip, with a texture similar to hummus. Use a small mixer jar to ensure proper grinding, and serve fresh with pita strips.


6.      Sun Dried Tomatoes, Pesto and Cream Cheese Cold Dip an amazing and colourful appetizer for a party.

Sun Dried Tomatoes, Pesto and Cream Cheese Cold DipSun Dried Tomatoes, Pesto and Cream Cheese Cold Dip

Dessert recipes using walnuts

Feels healthy when walnuts are added in the dessert. Here are few recipes to try and make these super tasty dessert for your guest.  

1.      Apple Halwa admirable duo comes to you in the form of a tasty Apple Halwa prepared with sautéed apples, mawa and milk cooked with sugar and walnuts.

2.      Low Calorie Apple Crumble healthy homemade muesli baked over a layer of cinnamon flavoured stewed apples. Walnuts, though a bit fatty, do more good than harm here as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which keep the arteries healthy and elastic.

Low Calorie Apple CrumbleLow Calorie Apple Crumble

3.      Bread and Butter Pudding eggless Bread and Butter Pudding  easy-to-make British dessert. It also happens to be a hot favourite at Mumbai’s Irani restaurants.

Bread and Butter Pudding, Eggless Bread and Butter Pudding RecipeBread and Butter Pudding, Eggless Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe

4.      Walnut Barfi tasty mithai can be prepared in a jiffy using our handy helper, the microwave oven. The milk powder helps to balance the salty flavour of the walnuts very well, resulting in a very exciting contrast.

Walnut Barfi

5.      Chocolate and Date Mousse a brilliant combination of streams of dark chocolate and dates streaked with whipped cream and dotted with chopped dates and walnuts. 

Chocolate and Date MousseChocolate and Date Mousse

Kids recipes using walnuts

Kid’s who does not like nutty food, here are interesting recipe for them, which they will enjoy while eating, and you will have no complaint. 

1.      Chocolate Brownie the most authentic Chocolate Brownie with common ingredients!

Chocolate Brownie Or How To Make Chocolate Brownie RecipeChocolate Brownie Or How To Make Chocolate Brownie Recipe

2.      Chocolate Brownie Muffins an eggless and fudgy muffin that has the rich and intense flavour of dark chocolate, a slightly milky note and a nutty dash of walnuts!

 Chocolate Brownie Muffins, Eggless and FudgyChocolate Brownie Muffins, Eggless and Fudgy

3.      White Chocolate Walnut Praline Rocks awesome crunch of walnut praline and the soul-stirring flavour of white chocolate, this is one delicious dessert that you cannot restrict to meal time.

White Chocolate Walnut Praline RocksWhite Chocolate Walnut Praline Rocks

4.      Rocky Road Ice Cream innovation.......this flavour gets its name from the crunchy almonds and walnuts and coarsely crushed wafer biscuits that add a deliciously unusual element to the otherwise smooth texture of ice-cream.

 Rocky Road Ice CreamRocky Road Ice Cream

5.      Chocolate Truffles a mouth-watering combination of chocolate, butter, icing sugar and coffee powder. Once the truffles are made, they are rolled in cocoa powder, castor sugar and walnut. 

Chocolate Truffles ( Eggless Desserts Recipe)Chocolate Truffles ( Eggless Desserts Recipe)

Cakes, biscuits and fudge using walnuts

Who doesn’t like cakes and fudges, here we come up with recipes, which are easy to follow and you can make in any occasion. 

1.      Eggless Chocolate Fudge Cake chewy feel and deeply chocolaty taste, always holds a special place in the minds of kids—and elders too. 

2.      Chocolate Walnut Cake with Whipped Cream  chocolatey sensation is sure to stir your soul with its intensely rich flavor and luxurious mouth feel.

3.      Date and Walnut Cake intense sweetness of dates and the rustic bitterness of walnuts complement each other beautifully.

Date and Walnut Cake, Eggless Date and Walnut CakeDate and Walnut Cake, Eggless Date and Walnut Cake

4.      Mango Cheese Pie features a luscious filling of cottage cheese, cream cheese, sugar, mangoes and whipped cream on a crunchy biscuit base that combines butter and walnuts.

5.      Walnut Ganache Cookies  traditional sauce made of chocolate, cream and in this case walnuts, which is used to add a chocoholic dimension to cookies, pasties, peanut butter fudge and other tempting baked delicacies..

Savoury recipes using walnuts

Recipes made interesting using walnuts. Try making these recipes as they are easy to follow and quick to make. 

1.      Fusilli with Baby Corn and Walnuts a short twisted pasta from southern Italy usually served with a spicy tomato sauce. Originating from Naples, it is also known as "eliche" or "propellers" for its quality of trapping particles of the sauce and "propelling" them to the tongue.

Fusilli with Baby Corn and WalnutsFusilli with Baby Corn and Walnuts

2.      Fettuccine with Baby Corn and Walnuts simply mouth-watering, that’s what this creation is! So tasty that you can’t believe it takes just minutes to cook it up.

3.      Veg Fettuccine Pasta in Pesto and Coriander Sauce recipe adds a new dimension to pesto by introducing coriander, onions and green chillies into it!

Veg Fettuccine Pasta in Pesto and Coriander SauceVeg Fettuccine Pasta in Pesto and Coriander Sauce

4.      Cheesy Corn and Pesto Mini Pizza aromatic pesto with crunchy walnuts and you have an unbeatable topping for your pizza. Choosing mini pizza bases makes the Cheesy Corn and Pesto Mini Pizza a perfect choice for parties.

Cheesy Corn and Pesto Mini PizzaCheesy Corn and Pesto Mini Pizza

Benefits of Walnuts, Akhrot

Walnuts (Akhrot) : Eating a handful of Walnuts a day is said to increase the good cholesterol (HDL). Walnuts are rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids which contain high amounts of DHA which improve thinking power in adults and excellent for brain health for newborn kids.

Being a good source of Folate, Vitamin B9, it’s good for pregnant women to top up their folic acid with eating a bit of walnuts daily.  As it's low in the Glycemic Index, and loaded with Fibre, it’s a good choice for Diabetics. See detailed  benefits of walnuts.

Enjoy our walnuts recipes | Indian Akhrot recipes below.

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