Creamy Mushroom Tartlets

Creamy Mushroom Tartlets

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Dainty but power-packed tartlets of whole wheat bread are filled with a luscious mixture of mushrooms and onions in a creamy yet low-cal white sauce. This unique white sauce is thickened with whole wheat flour and cauliflower, giving the same delicious flavour and mouth-feel as the original calorie-laden version.

The other ingredients like mushroom are also very low on the calorie and carbohydrate counter but add an exciting crunch to the topping. So, go ahead and enjoy one or two of these Creamy Mushroom Tartlets as a relatively guilt-free snack occasionally!

Team it up with a bowl of Vegetable and Basil Soup or Vegetable Tortilla Soup and what you get is a satiating mini meal.

Creamy Mushroom Tartlets recipe - How to make Creamy Mushroom Tartlets

Preparation Time:    Cooking Time:    Baking Time:  18 to 20 minutes   Baking Temperature:  230°C (460°F)   Total Time:     Makes 8 tartlets
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For The Tartlet Cases
8 whole wheat bread slices
3/4 tsp low-fat butter for greasing

For The Low-cal White Sauce (makes Approx. 1 Cup)
1 cup chopped cauliflower
2 tsp whole wheat flour (gehun ka atta)
3/4 cup low-fat milk , 99.7% fat-free
1 tsp low-fat butter
salt and to taste

For The Creamy Mushroom Filling
1 1/2 cups sliced mushrooms (khumbh)
1 tsp oil
3 tbsp finely chopped onions
1 tsp finely chopped garlic (lehsun)
1/2 tsp finely chopped green chillies
salt to taste

For the tartlet cases

    For the tartlet cases
  1. Remove the crust from the bread slices. Keep the bread slices aside and discard the crust.
  2. Grease the muffin moulds with butter and place the bread slices in 8 individual moulds of the greased muffin tray.
  3. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 230°c (460°f) for 8 to 10 minutes. Keep aside.

For the low-cal white sauce

    For the low-cal white sauce
  1. Combine the cauliflower and 1½ cups of water in a deep non-stick pan and mix well. Cover with a lid and cook on a medium flame for 7 to 8 minutes or till the cauliflower softens and the water has almost evaporated, while stirring occassionally. Keep aside to cool slightly.
  2. Blend the cauliflower (along with the little water remaining) in a mixer to a smooth purée and strain it using a strainer. Keep aside.
  3. Heat the butter in a broad non-stick pan, add the whole wheat flour and sauté on a medium flame for a few seconds or till the wheat flour turns light brown in colour.
  4. Add the milk and cauliflower purée, mix well using a whisk till no lumps remain and bring to boil.
  5. Add the salt and pepper powder, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 1 minute, while stirring occasionally. Keep aside.

For the creamy mushroom filling

    For the creamy mushroom filling
  1. Heat the oil in a broad non-stick pan, add the onions and sauté on a medium flame for 1 minute.
  2. Add the garlic and green chillies and sauté on a medium flame for another 30 seconds.
  3. Add the mushroom and salt, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 2 to 3 minutes, while stirring occasionally.
  4. Add the low-cal white sauce, mix well and cook on a medium flame for another 2 minutes, while stirring occasionally.
  5. Divide the filling into 8 equal portions and keep aside.

How to proceed

    How to proceed
  1. Just before serving, place the bread tartlets on a clean, dry surface and fill a portion of the creamy mushroom filling into each tartlet.
  2. Bake them in a pre-heated oven at 230°c (460°f) for 5 minutes.
  3. Serve immediately.


  1. It is highly recommended that this recipe be relished by diabetics only occasionally and in small quantities. This is just a mere ‘treat’ and does not qualify for a regular diabetic menu.
Nutrient values (Abbrv) per tartlet
Energy34 cal
Protein1.7 g
Carbohydrates3.9 g
Fiber1 g
Fat1.3 g
Cholesterol1.6 mg
Sodium25.5 mg


Creamy Mushroom Tartlets
 on 17 Apr 15 04:38 PM

This creamy mushroom tartlets, with low fat white sauce. The crispy bread and topped with creamy mushrooms just makes it complete starter. I just loved it, with out a doubt.
Creamy Mushroom Tartlets
 on 20 Jul 13 10:49 AM

Low fat mushroom toasts baked to absolute crispness. Fab. Good to see the low fast white sauce recipe used.