Kesar Peda

Kesar Peda

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Kesar Peda has a characteristic opulence about it, with the dominant flavours of saffron and cardamom lacing the intense richness of mava.

By using readymade mava we have brought down the cooking time required to make this traditional mithai. You still have to plan ahead when you want to prepare this, as it requires a day’s cooling.

After being allowed to cool for a day, the mixture appears to be quite hard, but once you crumble it, you will get the required peda texture.

You can prepare and store the Kesar Pedas in the fridge in an airtight container, for a week.

You can also try your hand at other saffron based treats like the Kesar Sandesh Bhog , Kesar Malai Kulfi and Kesari Milk .

Kesar Peda recipe - How to make Kesar Peda

Preparation Time:    Cooking Time:    Total Time:     Makes 16 pedas
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  1. Combine the saffron and milk in a small bowl, mix very well and keep aside.
  2. Heat the mava in a broad non-stick pan and cook on a medium flame for 7 to 8 minutes, while stirring continuously.
  3. Add the sugar, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 1 to 2 minutes, while stirring continuously.
  4. Transfer the mixture into a thali and spread it evenly. Cover it with a lid and keep aside for a day.
  5. Crumble the mava mixture, add the cardamom powder and saffron-milk mixture and mix very well.
  6. Divide the mixture into 16 equal portions and shape each portion into a round flat 376 mm. (1½”) diameter circle.
  7. Serve or store in an air-tight container and refrigerate.
Nutrient values (Abbrv) per peda
Energy98 cal
Protein3.6 g
Carbohydrates10.3 g
Fiber0 g
Fat4.7 g
Cholesterol0.1 mg
Sodium0.1 mg
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Kesar Peda
 on 01 Aug 19 02:14 PM

How much grams in 1cup mava??
Tarla Dalal
02 Aug 19 11:22 AM
   Hi, it is approx 200 gms...
Kesar Peda
 on 18 Oct 18 04:05 AM

How do you make mava? Thanks
Tarla Dalal
19 Oct 18 09:21 AM
   Hi Pooja, Here is the recipe to make mawa at home
Kesar Peda
 on 17 Oct 18 10:21 AM

How do I make na a from the ricotta cheese? Thanks.
Tarla Dalal
17 Oct 18 04:34 PM
   Hi Pooja, You cannot make this using Ricotta cheese.
Kesar Peda
 on 11 Sep 18 11:20 AM

Can you make doodh peda with milk powder? If yes can you show it in YouTube?
Tarla Dalal
12 Sep 18 08:57 AM
   Hi Anusha, Thanks for your suggestion. We will come up with a recipe for doodh peda with milk powder.
Kesar Peda
 on 07 Mar 17 04:43 AM

Do we need to keep the mixture for a day Or hrs ?
Tarla Dalal
07 Jun 18 02:41 PM
   Hi Raminder, You have to allow the mixture to cool for a day so that it appears quite hard and after crumbling it, you will get the required peda texture.
Kesar Peda
 on 28 Sep 16 01:54 AM

If you cannot find mama easily since I live abroad . What alternative ingredient can you use ? Can you use Ricotta cheese?
Tarla Dalal
28 Sep 16 08:49 AM
   Hi Mona, do not use ricotto cheese, instead make mava at home.
Edited after original posting.
Kesar Peda
 on 08 Apr 15 03:14 PM

I always thought peda are very difficult to make till I came up with this recipe, it is easy, quick and taste quite nice.