crushed ice

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Ice can be crushed coarsely using a hammer. Ice cubes can also be crushed or sheared into irregularly-shaped flakes, adding an interesting aesthetic effect to some cocktails. Crushed ice is also used when faster cooling is desired, since the rate of cooling is governed by the number and average radius of the ice particles. For very finely crushed ice, usually a crusher is used to crush ice finely. Finely crushed ice melts quicker, and makes more of a slushy drink-perfect for summer coolers.

How to Select
Crushed ice are also produced commercially and sold in bulk. An interesting characteristic of commercially made crushed ice is that they are completely clear and smooth.

Culinary Uses
* Crushed ice is used for making daiquiris, slush, cold coffee, milk shakes, etc.
* Crushed ice is also used when faster cooling is desired.
* Spirits like Chambord, PAMA and amaretto are great alone or you can build a custom flavor by combining a few.

How to Store
Store the crushed ice in an thight plastic bag in deep freezer. Recent demand for premium, safe drink ice has created a new niche market for disposable ice trays which can be cost- effectively transported or stored at room temperature.