hung curds

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Also Known as

Chakka Dahi

What is Hung Curds?

Simply put, as the name suggests, hang curd in a muslin cloth and let the whey or the liquid drain completely (a process that takes about 4 hours). After pressing the bundle gently, what you have is chakka or hung curd. If you prefer the low fat variety, substitute full fat curd with low-fat.

How to select

• Depending on your choice select either a full fat or low fat fresh curd to make your home made version of hung curd. This method by far is most healthy than the over-the-counter choices.

6 Uses of Hung Curd

1. Due to its creamy texture, hung curd is used to make desserts like Shrikhand and Bhappa Doi. Both of these desserts are super creamy in texture, not lumpy at all and can be made with different flavors like fruit flavors, elaichi and kesar, etc.

2. Hung Curd is made by hanging the curd in a muslin cloth to get rid of the excess liquid called whey. This liquid can be saved and used to make soft rotis and parathas.

3. Hung Curd is used to make really soft kebabs as well, which are famously known as Dahi Ke Kebab.

4. Dips made with hung curd is a healthy alternate to other dips and sauces like mayonnaise and cheese dip. There are many variations that can be made, one of them being Creamy Coriander and Mint Dip

5. Creamy dressing for salads can also be made with hung curd. That provides a certain freshness and tanginess to salads.

6. Sour cream is a very important component in Mexican dishes. This sour cream is also made when hung curd and lemon juice are combined together. It is used in recipes like the 7 layered Mexican dip.

How to Store Hung Curds

• It stays fresh for a day or two when refrigerated.

Health Benefits of Hung Curds

• Hung curd is a good source of calcium, vitamins and other minerals.