maize flour

Maize Flour (Makai ka atta) Glossary, Uses, Benefit + Recipes Viewed 56287 times

Also known as
Makai ka atta

Maize Flour, Makai ka atta, Makki ka Atta?

Maize flour is derived from the ground and desiccated seed of the maize plant. It is the second most produced and consumed flour after wheat flour, competing with rice flour.

How to Select Maize Flour, Makai ka atta, Makki ka Atta:  It is yellow coloured flour with coarse texture. It is easily available in grocery stores.

Culinary Uses of Maize Flour, Makai ka atta, Makki ka Atta 
• The natural bran, germ and oils in the grain are kept intact thereby retaining the fibre, protein and vitamins.
• Its fine and light texture can be used in corn bread, very famous Makki do Roti, multi-grain recipes, deep-fry batters and in any recipe that uses corn flour meal.
• Its major use is in making Mexican Tortilla, Tacos and Nachos.

How to Store Maize Flour, Makai ka atta, Makki ka Atta  
• Always store maize flour in a cool, dry, dark place where it will last indefinitely.
• Best if refrigerated.

Health Benefits of Maize Flour, Makai ka atta, Makki ka Atta • The flour is naturally rich in dietary fibre, antioxidants, vitamin B, omega 6 unsaturated fat and vegetable proteins.
• It is also rich in magnesium.
• It is relatively less expensive to buy too.
• Fortified maize flour has been used in the eradication of malnutrition in some parts of the world.