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आसान / सरल नाश्ता - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Easy, Simple Indian Snacks recipes in Hindi)
આસાન / સરળ નાસ્તા - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Easy, Simple Indian Snacks recipes in Gujarati)

Easy, Simple Indian Snacks | Tea time snacks | healthy snacks |

50 Easy, Yummy Snacks

Easy, Simple Indian Snacks | Tea time snacks | healthy snacks | Wouldn’t the world be a boring place, if we had no snacks to inject some fun and excitement into our days?

Spiced Sesame PopcornSpiced Sesame Popcorn

If you look at snacks purely from the perspective of appeasing sudden hunger pangs, then yes, an apple or a banana would serve the purpose.

7 reasons to make Easy and Simple Snacks?

1. Made within minutes using easily available ingredients
2. No-fuss, no-sweat, saves time
3. Can be fixed instantly when hunger strikes
4. No worries when guests arrive suddenly
5. Helps avoid binging on packed foods
6. Enjoyed by adults and kids
7. Tasty, filling and often healthy too

Peanut Ladoo, Quick Peanut LaddooPeanut Ladoo, Quick Peanut Laddoo

6 Easy Kids Indian snacks

But, for many, especially in India, a snack served in the evening with tea adds more josh to the day and reboots our worn-out minds! When kids come back from school, they are equally eager to know what you have prepared for them.

Quick Mini Soya Dosas Or How To Make Soya Dosa RecipeQuick Mini Soya Dosas Or How To Make Soya Dosa Recipe

1. Give them Chutney Cheese Toast which is a popular Mumbai street food.

 Chutney Cheese Toast Sandwich , Mumbai Roadside Recipe
 Chutney Cheese Toast Sandwich , Mumbai Roadside Recipe

2. This simple Khakhra Chivda Snack can be made in a jiffy with readymade khakhra, and is a smart way to outwit sudden hunger pangs without reaching out for junk food!

 Healthy Khakhra Chivda, Healthy Jar Snack
 Healthy Khakhra Chivda, Healthy Jar Snack

3. Quick Rice Dosa is super quick and easy to make. If you have left over rice BINGO!! As, this dosa batter requires cooked rice and no fermentation. 

Quick Rice Dosa
Quick Rice Dosa

4. Since Quick Rava Idli is steamed, it is easier to digest than upma, has a convenient form factor for serving as well as packing. suji idli for tiffin box or packed evening snack stays soft and humid for longer.

Quick Rava IdliQuick Rava Idli

5. Roasted makhanas is super quick to make and good for adults to have. 

Roasted MakhanaRoasted Makhana

6. Veg Tawa Sandwich is a popular snack with kids and office-goers, and is sold commonly in canteens and bakeries.

 Quick Sandwich Recipe, Veg Tawa Sandwich Recipe
Quick Sandwich Recipe, Veg Tawa Sandwich Recipe

Light, cooling snacks in the summer and garam pakore in the monsoon are more than mere temptation – they are part and parcel of our lifestyle!

Baked Methi PurisBaked Methi Puris

5 Deep fried easy Indian snacks 

Snacks are usually quick and easy to prepare, so that you can fix them in a jiffy even when hunger strikes without warning!

They also use commonly available and seasonal ingredients – for example, in the winter when purple yam is in season, you might want to use it to make deep-fried fritters or baked snacks.

 Cheesy Noodle Vegetable Cutlet ( Noodles Recipe )Cheesy Noodle Vegetable Cutlet ( Noodles Recipe )

1. The Masala Corn, apart from being irresistibly tasty, are also easy to make as they use minimal, readily-available ingredients, and a simple procedure.

 Masala Corn ( Tiffin Treats)
 Masala Corn ( Tiffin Treats)

2. Paneer Pakora is a simple and easy snack. It is moist and soft on inside and crisp outside, unlike other pakora’s. paneer pakoda is made with simple and basic ingredients that are easily available in every household.

 Paneer Pakoda, Punjabi Paneer Pakora RecipePaneer Pakoda, Punjabi Paneer Pakora Recipe

3. Paneer Nuggets is a quick and easy deep-fried snack that will appeal to everybody. Here, a succulent and spicy mixture of paneer and tongue-tickling spice mixes like garam masala, chaat masala, etc., is coated with batter, dusted with bread crumbs and deep-fried.

 Paneer Nuggets, Quick Paneer Deep-fried Snack Paneer Nuggets, Quick Paneer Deep-fried Snack

4. These exciting Cheese Poppers feature herbed cheese slice rolls that are batter-fried to perfection.

 Cheese Poppers Cheese Poppers

5. The Chinese Veg Spring Roll has become so popular in India that it is now available in roadside eateries and restaurants too!

In fact, frozen Spring Rolls, Veg Spring Rolls are also readily available in most supermarkets.

Spring Rolls, Chinese Veg Spring Roll RecipeSpring Rolls, Chinese Veg Spring Roll Recipe

See our Kand Sandwich recipe

 Kand Sandwich, Faraali Purple Yam Sandwich Recipe Kand Sandwich, Faraali Purple Yam Sandwich Recipe

4 Simple healthy Indian snacks

Snacks need not always be deep-fried. You can also make healthy snacks using methods like baking, grilling and tava-cooking. Sometimes, a couple of healthy ingredients tossed together like a salad can make a wonderful snack.

1. Instead of bhel, opt for Oats Bhel made from oats and iron rich poha. 

 Oats Bhel, Healthy Snack for KidsOats Bhel, Healthy Snack for Kids

2. You can prepare before hand Homemade Peanut Butter and munch on it whenever you are hungry. There is zero sugar used in the recipe.

 Homemade Peanut Butter, for Weight Loss and Athletes Homemade Peanut Butter, for Weight Loss and Athletes

3. If you feel like dhoklas in the evening, then opt for protein rich buckwheat dhoklas with some green chutney.

Buckwheat DhoklaBuckwheat Dhokla

4. Rava in upma is not healthy so we have made you the healthy quinoa veg upma which is full of fibre. 

Quinoa Veg Upma, Vegan BreakfastQuinoa Veg Upma, Vegan Breakfast

Snacks can be light or filling. In fact, some snacks are filling enough to make a light meal!

So, depending on the time of the day and the purpose for making the snack, you can choose a light or a filling one.

Quick Vegetable Appe
Quick Vegetable Appe

With their crispy textures and vibrant flavours, snacks are much loved by young and old alike.

Appe, Dhoklas and Pakoras are evergreen traditional delicacies, which are versatile enough to be modified according to modern tastes too.

 Grilled Broccoli Recipe Grilled Broccoli Recipe

Have a go at Gobi, Palak or Bread Pakora, the Rava Dhokla, or the Quick Vegetable Appe. Grilled Broccoli and Oven Roasted Sweet Potatoes are nourishing and tasty snacks that’ll go well with everybody.

Rava Dhokla, Semolina Dhokla, Suji DhoklaRava Dhokla, Semolina Dhokla, Suji Dhokla

Innovative Indian snacks

When you are feeling adventurous, try something innovative like the Maggi Bhel, Instant Pav Bhaji Masala Toast or Veg Rice Cutlets.

Instant Pav Bhaji Masala Toast, Quick SnackInstant Pav Bhaji Masala Toast, Quick Snack

The savoury Ram Ladoo and Peanut  Pakoda  are other popular snacks, which have a timeless appeal!

Peanut-PakodaPeanut Pakoda

If you crave for something spicy, go for the Spicy Corn Chaat, or if you wish to indulge your sweet tooth, try the Sweet Oats Chivda.

Spicy Corn Chaat RecipeSpicy Corn Chaat Recipe

Indeed, there is a snack for every requirement! Apart from the 40+ choices in this selection, there are many more waiting to be explored on our website and app, so be prepared for unending fun!

 Maggi Bhel Maggi Bhel

Happy Cooking!

Try our Easy, Simple Indian Snacks | Tea time snacks | healthy snacks | and  other Easy, Simple Recipe articles. 

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