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राबड़ी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Rabdi recipes in Hindi)
રબડી રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Rabdi recipes in Gujarati)

Rabdi Recipe, 37 Rabri Recipe Collection

Rabdi or Rabri is a luscious and creamy Indian dessert made by simmering milk on a slow flame for a long time. Always ensure you use a thick bottomed pan and full-fat milk. Scraping the sides and top helps in achieving the required consistency. You can also add ingredients like cardamom powder, grated nutmeg, saffron, dry fruits to enhance the flavour.

 Shahi Rabri, How To Make Shahi RabriShahi Rabri, How To Make Shahi Rabri

The addition of ingredients like corn flour or bread slices will help you reduce the cooking process. It reduces the time and energy we spend laboriously stirring the milk till it thickens.

Try your hands on this Instant Rabri and prepare it within minutes to surprise even a sudden guest! Also, you can mix together all the ingredients in a deep bowl and microwave on HIGH for 6 minutes to make this Shahi Rabri.

Healthy Rabri

Pear Rabdi with Oats Milk

By substituting full-fat milk with low-fat milk and addition of little sugar or sugar substitute can help you make healthy rabdi. Oats provide the thick consistency to milk after simmering. Pear Rabdi with Oats Milk

Oats and Orange Rabdi are some diabetic friendly Indian dessert recipes. Also, this apple rabri with unpeeled apple provides the required fibre and subtle flavor to the dish.

 Oats and Orange Rabdi, Diabetic FriendlyOats and Orange Rabdi, Diabetic Friendly

Innovative Rabdi Recipes

The delicious chenna made by curdling milk can be transformed into a sinful Chenna Rabri.

You can also add small rasgullas made by curdling chenna in a rabri to make Angoori rabdi. It is not only quick and easy, but also delicious.

 Sweet Potato RabdiSweet Potato Rabdi

You can also make rabri recipes like Sweet Potato Rabdi, Baked Boondi with Rabri, Cored Apples with Kesar and Rabdi, Pear Rabdi and serve it to your friends and family.

Cored-Apples-with-Kesar-and-RabdiCored Apples with Kesar and Rabdi

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Sweet Potato Rabri, Shakarkand Rabdi recipe
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Quick Rabri recipe
You will love this Quick Rabri over the original recipe that grandma taught you, because it does not require you to slog in the kitchen for hours. You can prepare it within minutes to surprise even a sudden guest! This recipe smartly thickens milk with fresh bread crumbs, to give an instant ra ....
Quick Rabri, Instant Rabri, Easy Rabdi Recipe recipe
You will love this Quick Rabri over the original recipe that grandma taught you, because it does not require you to slog in the kitchen for hours. You can prepare it within minutes to surprise even a sudden guest! This recipe smartly thickens milk with fresh bread crumbs, to give an instant rabr ....
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Apple Rabadi, Diabetic Friendly recipe
Low fat milk thickened with apple. The addition of nutmeg and cardamom blends well with the subtle flavours. Try not to peel the apple, as much of the fibre is present in the peel and just below it. Select sweet apples for this recipe, as sharp apples can split the rabadi bitter and so rende ....
Pear Rabri,  How To Make Pear Rabdi recipe
Luscious and creamy rabri is one irresistible dessert, with a lingering taste that taunts you for long after the cup is empty! Sadly though, it is loaded with fat from milk and sugar. How about giving the traditional recipe a fruity twist that is not exciting but low-cal too? This quick, ....
Pear Rabdi with Oats Milk, Lactose Free recipe
Typical milk-based desserts like rabdi and kheer are often thought to be out-of-bounds by lactose-intolerant people. Fret not! Here is a fabulously tasty Pear Rabdi with Oats Milk. Perfect for those facing lactose into ....
Baked Boondi with Rabri recipe
Sweet boondi is drowned in rabdi, laced with spices and nuts, and baked in an oven. What you get, is just incomparable to any dessert you might ever have tasted so far! Baked Boondi with Rabdi combines the intensely milky flavour of rabdi with the charming aroma of cardamom and speckles of swe ....
Chenna Rabri, Chenna Rabdi recipe
Chenna, made at home by curdling full-fat milk, is thickened and sweetened to make a delicious Chenna Rabri. With aromatic hints of saffron and cardamom, this rabri is a delightful dessert all by itself, but adding chopped fruits to it before refrigerating makes it all the more irresistible. ....
Ghevar with Rabri recipe
A honeycomb shaped delicacy made using plain flour and ghee that has originated in Rajasthan. Ghevars are usually large in size approx. 200 mm. Or 250 mm. (8" or 10") squares or rounds and are either sweetened with syrup or served topped with sweet rabri (i. e. thickened milk). Lakshmi M ....
Quick Apple Cinnamon Rabdi recipe
Milk is thickened with fresh bread crumbs to give you an instant rabdi. This is not the original recipe but one that's used to make a really creamy rabdi in a jiffy.
Coconut Paneer Rolls in Apple Rabri recipe
Grated coconut and paneer, evenly blended into rolls and served with an apple flavoured rabri.
Rabri Or How To Make Rabdi recipe
Rabdi is a perfectly proportioned combination of milk and sugar, thickened in a broad-bottomed vessel. When making rabdi, it is very important to keep scraping the sides of the pan at all times, otherwise the sides will burn. Moreover, if you forget to scrape the sides, the rabdi will also not ....
Angoori Rabri, Angoori Rabdi recipe
Making rabri, the traditional way, is a time-consuming affair as the milk is simmered on a low flame for a long time to thicken and get its desired texture. I used the quickest way by using corn flour for thickening and lemon juice to get the required grainy texture. Use readily availabl ....
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