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Side-dish jam recipes | Homemade jam recipes

Side-dish jam recipes. Homemade jam recipes. Homemade jams remind one of the good old times when moms and grandmas specialized in making large quantities of them, carefully picking the ingredients, stewing them and canning them under sterile conditions.

जैम - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Jams recipes in Hindi)
જામ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Jams recipes in Gujarati)

Whether you want to do it the good old way or wish for quick-fix options that you can prepare fast and finish off even faster, this section on Jams offers you a whole range of fruity delights, ideal to be had with bread, biscuits or rotis.

Cinnamon is one spice that works really well with fruits like apple and plum. Spice up a simple Apple Jam with Cinnamon and allow the flavour to ooze in naturally and mildly to enjoy a unique spread. You can even make a plum compote that compliments desserts like panna cotta.

3 ingredient jam recipes

To make fruit-based jams, all you need is fruit or fruit pulp, sugar and lemon juice. While sugar provides the necessary sweetness, lemon juice decreases the acidity in jam & prevents the growth of bacteria. After making the jam, cool it completely and store in the refrigerator. Here are few of my favorite jam recipes :

Homemade Fresh Fig JamHomemade Fresh Fig Jam

1. Mango Jam

2. Pineapple Jam

3. Strawberry Jam

4. Gooseberry Jam

You can also make a jam sauce by boiling jam with lemon juice and water. This can be used to apply on Vanilla Sponge Cake, Cookies / Biscuits and you can also top it on Ice-creams.

Marmalade recipes

The term marmalade is used for preserves made from citrus fruits and generally contains pieces of the peel. The orange marmalade is a famous spread used in a number of dessert recipes like the jam tarts, Fried Bananas with Orange Marmalade, Eggless Orange and Tutti Frutti Loaf.

Orange MarmaladeOrange Marmalade

Nothing can match the contentment that a jar of homemade jam gives the family! It is a warm feeling, a sense of homeliness, that comes with the fantabulous taste of the jam itself. Luckily enough, it does not take hours to prepare small batches. Check our collection of 26 Jams recipes that can be made at home easily.

Happy Cooking!

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Pineapple Jam recipe
There is one one thing that is more satisfying than a loaf of warm bread, and that is fresh, homemade jam! Incidentally, homemade jam does not always take half a day to prepare. Here is a quick recipe that makes two cups of wonderful Pineapple Jam in less than half an hour! For that fresh tang and h ....
Amla Murabba, Rajasthani Recipe recipe
amla murabba recipe | Rajasthani amla murraba | Indian gooseberry murabba | with amazing 22 images. An evergreen Rajasthani recipe, the amla murabba is a wonderful accompaniment to any mea ....
Apple Jam with Cinnamon Recipe, Vegan and Gluten Free recipe
Uncountable varieties of jam might be available in the market, but nothing can match the taste of fresh, homemade jam. It is not only tasty but also satisfying – those who make their own bread and jam consider it a matter of pride! Surprisingly, making jam is not always complex. There are some j ....
Plum Compote recipe
Plum Compote is a quick and easy dessert sauce with a sweet and tangy flavour that tickles your taste buds. The measured but wise use of spices gives the Pl ....
Homemade Fresh Fig Jam, Step By Step recipe
Fresh fig is a tasty and economically priced fruit that is available in plenty in India when the fruit is in season. It is so tempting that we often end up coming home with a rather large batch. However, the fruit is perishable so we also have to think of many nice ways in which to consume it! T ....
Mango Jam recipe
Think as much as you can, but you can’t find one thing to match the heavenly taste of Mango Jam! Indeed, this is one flavour that surpasses all barriers of age or region. Much-loved by people across the world, Mango Jam is the perfect spread for freshly buttered toast. It has a luscious texture ....
Orange Marmalade recipe
Orange Marmalade is an evergreen accompaniment for bread toast, much-loved by people all around the world. With its refreshingly tangy taste and unique mouth-feel, it tops most people’s chart of favourite jams and preserves. What gives the marmalade its characteristic texture is the addition ....
Apple Jam recipe
A rich, amber-coloured jam with a hint of lemon, the Apple Jam is a perfect accompaniment to a loaf of freshly baked bread, croissants, or pancakes too. Instead of adding cinnamon powder to the jam, you may also choose to dip a stick of cinnamon into the jam while it is still hot, and lid the jar fo ....
Strawberry Jam, Fresh Strawberry Jam Recipe recipe
strawberry jam recipe | fresh strawberry jam | Indian style strawberry jam | quick strawberry jam | home made strawberry jam | with amazing 12 images. Our
Jam Sauce recipe
When you want a gooey, sweet and tangy sauce, pronto, reach out for the jam bottle! Yes, this delicious Jam Sauce is made within minutes by cooking jam with lemon juice. While we have made it with strawberry jam, you can choose any of your favourite flavours instead. Just make sure you use the s ....
Fresh Strawberry Jam recipe
The season for this jam coincides, as the name suggests, with the strawberry season.
Gooseberry Jam recipe
A tantalizing blend of sweet and sour flavours makes this Gooseberry Jam an irresistible, almost-addictive treat for the Indian palate! When gooseberries are in season, do not forget to make this jam often because it tastes so good with bread, rotis, parathas a ....
Nutri Jam recipe
Nutri jam is a sweet jam recipe with beetroots and tomatoes. Quite an unique combination of beetroots with tomatoes in this jam makes it a healthy spread recipe for breads and can even be used as topping for cakes.
Fruity Plum Jam recipe
Fruity Plum Jam, plum flavoured jam.
Green Tomato Jam recipe
An irrestible and innovative green tomato jam recipe, made with chopped green tomatoes, sugar, preservatives and orange juice .Find many interesting and kid friendly recipe at
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