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शाम के चाय के नाश्ते - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Evening Tea Snacks recipes in Hindi)
સાંજની ચહા સાથેના નાસ્તા - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Evening Tea Snacks recipes in Gujarati)

Poona Style Bhakarvadi recipe
This type of bhakarvadi has a different flavour with some khatta meetha taste.enjoy this diwali with these bhakarvadis.
Potato Puffs recipe
A step by step procedure to prepare potato puffs at home.A luscious mix of beaten eggs, mashed potatoes, mustard powder and salt, potato puffs are deep fried and best enjoyed as an evening teatime snack.
Potato Tuk recipe
Potatoes deep fried twice until crisp and then flavoured with chaat masala and chilli powder.
Pumpkin Fritters recipe
When it comes to pumpkin we all think it of a sweet vegetable served with puris but it can tempt you as well in the form of fritters also.
Quick Bhel recipe
Quick n crispy bhel is a simple roasted puffed rice or murmura or bhel recipe which can be enjoyed plain or with onion, chillies and tomatoes as topping.
Quick Bread Idli recipe
Bread idli is a simple toast recipe with breads cut like idlis and then topped with mashed potatoes and green chutney.
Quick Cutlets recipe
The quick cutlet is a tasty, novel cutlet or patties recipe with an unique creamy and sweet taste of boiled potatoes. Discover easy ways of cooking delicious cutlet recipe at
Quick Paneer Bites recipe
These bites are quick to make and a sure hit for parties or starters with drinks
Quick Rava Handwa recipe
Quick Rava Handwa, a version of the popular Gujarati snack made from semolina in a pan. Enjoy for breakfast or as an evening snack. The tempering of mustard seeds and a garnish of grated coconut make it more flavourful.
Raddish Puffs recipe
Stuffed raddish cubes dipped in batter and deep fried to perfection.
Rainy Pakoda recipe
Another tasty and delicious pakoda for rainy season which is made from besan with the combination of onion which can be served with besan chutney and is to be served garnished with dry masal powder. This besan chutney can be served with fafda or any other farsan.
Rajma and Potaot Fritters recipe
Rajma and Potaot Fritters, quick and easy to make filling snack. Have it as an evening tea snack or as a starter.
Rava Pakoda recipe
An yummy treat for those special Sunday evenings with you family or friends.
Raw Banana Cutlet recipe
Add variety to your daily evening snack menu by adding the Raw banana cutlet on your table with tea. The raw bananas are boiled and then mashed before getting mixed with spice powders . Shallow fry these raw banana cutlets and enjoy crispy hot with curd.
Raw Mango Pakoda recipe
Pakodas with difference!!
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