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स्ट्रीट फूड डिनर के लिए - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Dinner Street Food recipes in Hindi)
ડિનરમાં ખવાતા સ્ટ્રીટ ફૂ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Dinner Street Food recipes in Gujarati)

Indian Street Food Recipes for Dinner | Indian Veg Street Food for Dinner |

Indian Street Food Recipes for Dinner | Indian Veg Street Food for Dinner | We show you a detailed list of Indian street food recipes for dinner. For your convenience, you can see sections like South Indian street food, Chaat street food, stir fried street food and some of Mumbai street food. 

Sev Puri ( Chaat Recipe )

Sev Puri ( Chaat Recipe )

Indian street food is enjoyed by the masses as its cheap to make and great fun to pick up your parcel of street food or also stand on the streets and enjoy your dinner.

Chaat street food for dinner

Sev Puri  sev topped on puris or papdis, along with potatoes and chutneys. Tangy, crisp and tongue tickling. Bhel Puri an awesomely crunchy and spicy snack, it features puffed rice which is mixed with chutneys and spices to get a really chatpatta flavour. 

Bhel Puri
Bhel Puri

Chole Samosa Chaat the two are combined and topped with myriad exciting ingredients like tangy chutneys, crunchy onions and crisp sev, the resulting chaat is totally irresistible.

 Chole Samosa Chaat
Chole Samosa Chaat

Street food Idlis and dosa for dinner 

Idli  a very popular South Indian breakfast which is also a favourite Mumbai Street Food .

Idli Chilli transform one of the most common South Indian breakfast recipe – Idli, into an appetizing dinner recipe. 

Idli Chilli
Idli Chilli

Mysore Sada Dosa  a quick and light meal, but are in too perky a mood for dosa, then go for the Mysore sada dosa which is not too heavy on the tummy but still has a nice. Sada Dosa Delightfully crisp, golden-coloured pancakes made of a rice and urad dal batter, Dosas make a more indulgent breakfast compared to any other. 

Sada Dosa
Sada Dosa

Schezwan Cheese Dosa Buttery, golden dosas are laced with Schezwan sauce and topped with cheese to get a crispy treat with a gooey, tongue-tickling filling.

Filling food from the Indian streets 

Pav Bhaji so popular, that it's available all over Mumbai. Each small lane leading to the railways stations has its own pav bhaji seller on a cart with a large tava mounted on it.

Pav Bhaji ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes )

Pav Bhaji ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes )

Dabeli ladi pav which is stuffed with potato mixture which can be either sweet, mild or spicy depending on your preference. 

 Dabeli ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes ) Dabeli ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes )

Misal Pav Wholesome and tasty sprouts are cooked with tangy tomatoes and pungent onions, not to forget the spice powders and the special coconut-onion based misal masala!

Misal-PavMisal Pav

Vegetable Grill Sandwich the most tongue-tickling treats of all, and this Vegetable Grill Sandwich is no different.

Vegetable Grill Sandwich ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes )Vegetable Grill Sandwich ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes )

Stir fry street food for dinner 

Hare Chane Ki Chaat street side chaat which is so simple to make but yet so delicious. It is a delectable blend of green chana, tomatoes, onions tossed in butter, spiked with a little chaat masala.

Roadside Hare Chane Ki Chaat, Protein and Calcium RichRoadside Hare Chane Ki Chaat, Protein and Calcium Rich

Veg Frankie a satiating snack that can be relished even on-the-go, the frankie is made by rolling up a tongue-tickling potato mixture inside roti wraps. 

 Veg Frankie, Mumbai Roadside Recipe

Veg Frankie, Mumbai Roadside Recipe

Chinese Bhel made of fried noodles, perked up with crunchy veggies like cabbage and spring onions and splashes of tongue-tickling Oriental sauces.

 Chinese Bhel ( Chinese Recipe ) Chinese Bhel ( Chinese Recipe )

Enjoy Indian Street Food Recipes for Dinner | Indian Veg Street Food for Dinner | and our other Dinner Recipe articles below. 

Happy Cooking!

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