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शतावरी रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (asparagus recipes in Hindi)
શતાવરી રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (asparagus recipes in Gujarati)

Asparagus Vegetarian Recipes, Asparagus recipes

Asparagus Recipes. asparagus vegetarian recipes.  Asparagus is a green vegetable which has a long, erect stalk with little spear like leaves at the end. In India these are considered as a gourmet ingredient but are used more commonly in the western world. One of the unique things about it is the earthy flavor it has. Many a times the stalks get hard and they have to be removed before eating and that’s why the younger stalk is preferred as it is softer. Asparagus in low in sodium and is mostly made up of water which not only makes it healthy but also good for weight loss.

Asparagus Recipes for Snacks

The most basic asparagus recipes for a snack or a starter is a Sesame Asparagus Stir-Fry. This is usually served in Chinese restaurants and homes as a starter before the main course. Asparagus spears taste amazing with bread. You can go the traditional route by serving them up as a bruschetta or you can make something different like Cold Asparagus Rolls. These rolls are super simple to make, hardly take any time to prepare and taste wonderful.

Fresh Asparagus Soup, Creamy Asparagus Soup RecipeFresh Asparagus Soup, Creamy Asparagus Soup Recipe

Asparagus and onions make a great pair. The reason onions are added to the Fresh Asparagus Soup is to enhance its flavor and gives it an intense flavor. You can serve this along with croutons or garlic bread. You can even add chopped asparagus to Vegetable Dumplings along with other veggies and serve this delicious snack with soy sauce and a red chilli sauce.

Main Course Asparagus Recipes

Asparagus is such a wonderful ingredient to add to any dish. Rosti is essentially a breakfast item made with potatoes. This innovative twist of Noodle Rosti topped with Asparagus sauce easily transform this dish from a breakfast to a dinner recipe. The Chinese white sauce with pieces of asparagus adds to the flavor of the rosti. We always need some kind of gravy while we eat out Chinese noodles or rice and Stir-fried Greens in a Spicy garlic sauce is the perfect gravy for that. The crispy vegetables add an amazing texture to the spicy gravy.

Noodle Rosti Topped with Asparagus SauceNoodle Rosti Topped with Asparagus Sauce

This vegetable also goes very well in Italian dishes as well. For a crunchy texture, you can add pieces of asparagus to Penne with Cheesy Vegetables or sprinkle them over a Creamy Corn Pizza. The exotic combination of corn and asparagus also works well in baked dishes. Baked Corn with Asparagus is a dish that will be loved by everyone because of how creamy it is with the addition of tons of cheese.

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Hope you enjoy the Asparagus Recipes. asparagus vegetarian recipes.

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A mildly spiced stir-fry of assorted vegetables with sesame seeds.
Find heaven in italy, and bring it back to your kitchen! this italian-style wrap is prepared from exotic veggies like sweet corn, asparagus, baby corn and broccoli laced with a lovely tomato sauce. Top it with low-cal mayonnaise and roll it up in spinach rotis.
Perhaps you have always had dimsums only in restaurants and avoided making them at home just because they sound complicated? But believe me, there are actually easy to make – follow the exact procedure explained here and try it once; I am sure you will master the act at one go and will soon be makin ....
Hi-five for the goodness of five veggies, that’s what this dish is all about! a nutritious and tasty preparation made of any combination of five colourful, fresh vegetables, the five treasure vegetables is a classic chinese recipe. While you can use any veggies of your choice, it would good to retai ....
The number 8 is a lucky one for the Chinese and this dish is one made on auspicious occasions using a combination of eight vegetables tossed in a simple sauce.
Oriental cuisine specializes in tickling taste buds, really! check out this simple preparation of broccoli, baby corn and paneer in a spicy soya sauce and you will agree too. What is more, this delicacy is also easy and quick. Surprisingly, all it takes is a few minutes of sautéing and cooking in th ....
Bite into this delightful wrap prepared with exotic ingredients like asparagus and baby corn flavoured with oregano and chilli flakes, and forget yourself in the medley of flavours that challenge the exquisite cheese sauce! top it with lettuce, carrots and bean sprouts to add a nice crispy texture.
Everyday cucumber and exotic asparagus come together to make a lovely salad, dressed in a luscious salad cream that is resplendent with the catchy tones of mustard paste, pepper and lemon juice. Cucumber is an ingredient that never fails to make a dish feel refreshing, due to its juicy and cru ....
Juicy sweet corn and exotic asparagus in a perfect white sauce, baked with a topping of cheese and red chilli flakes, this is a sumptuous and tasty dish. The key to getting the Baked Corn with Asparagus right is the consistency of the white sauce – it should neither be too thin nor too thick. ....
These dim sums are a healthy treat, because they’re full of veggies and they’re steamed-not fried. Finely chopped vegetables go in as a filling into dim sum shells made of flour and steamed until done. Eat them hot with the red and black sauces. Delicious!
A cold and creamy starter that’s just perfect to serve on a hot summer’s day, the Cold Asparagus Roll kindles your appetite with its enticing crunch and peppy flavour. Quite easy to make, this starter involves rolling up bread with a creamy
Who needs onions or potatoes to make a delicious soup! Sweet corn and asparagus are just what you need. The unique flavour of asparagus shoots and the pleasant sweetness of juicy corn complement each other perfectly, resulting in a delicious soup, which requires nothing more than a dash of pepper an ....
Exotic vegetables served in a crispy noodle basket, everything about this recipe is truly imperial.
A creamy soup of fresh asparagus, thickened with potatoes and flavoured with pepper, the Fresh Asparagus Soup has a multifold effect on the diner. It not only satiates you with its rich and creamy mouth-feel, but also refreshes your senses with its intense but soothing flavour. Onions sautéed ....
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