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96 black olives recipes

Last Updated : Dec 05,2020

काले जैतून रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (black olives recipes in Hindi)
કાળા જેતૂન રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (black olives recipes in Gujarati)

Black olives recipes | Indian recipes using black olives | 95 black olives recipe collection |

black olive recipe collection. Indian recipes using black olives | Olives are fruits of the olive tree which was first only found in the Mediterranean region. Olives are the source of olive oil which is now extensively used all over the world for cooking and beauty purposes. Black olives are those which are picked when fully grown and fully ripe while the green ones are not ripe yet.

Black olives are sweeter in taste than the green ones (which are salty and bitter) and both have a seed inside them. Even though it was first used only in the Mediterranean belt, it is not used all over the world. As fresh olives are not available easily, we use pickled olives that are a little sour in taste.

Black olives used in Indian toasts and sandwiches

1. cheesy paneer parsley toast recipe | paneer parsley cheese open toast | paneer parsley toast| with amazing 10 pictures

Cheesy Paneer and Parsley ToastCheesy Paneer and Parsley Toast

Long day at work and want to prepare something that is ready in a jiffy? “Cheesy paneer and parsley toast” is the deal. This delectable cheesy paneer parsley toast has an unmistakable Italian touch, with its herby topping and olive garnish. The preparation is quite simple too – you just need to mix cheeses with herbs, lay it upon toast, top it with olives and enjoy. These are amazing appetisers and also make an amazing party snack.

2. Smiley Face Sandwiches :  Dainty and dazzling with a beaming smile, these sandwiches are also a treat to the palate with a perfect blend of flavours. 

Smiley Face SandwichesSmiley Face Sandwiches

Buttered bread roundels are sandwiched with a peppy mix of paneer and green chutney, and decorated with olives and ketchup to resemble a smiley. 

3. French bread meets desi spice in this innovative Paneer Tikka Sub Sandwich. Here, French bread is layered with luscious mayonnaise, cheese and veggies along with a tongue-tickling paneer tikka filling. 

Paneer Tikka Sub SandwichPaneer Tikka Sub Sandwich

Parathas using black olives 

pizza paratha recipe | cheesy pizza paratha | cheese and vegetable stuffed paratha | with 15 amazing images. 

Pizza Paratha Recipe, Cheesy Kids ParathaPizza Paratha Recipe, Cheesy Kids Paratha

A desi delight with a Western touch, the pizza paratha is a cheesy pizza paratha that recreates the magic of pizzas in a popular Indian format. 

We have given an Italian pizza twist to our desi Indian paratha and made cheesy pizza paratha even satiating! 

Black Olives for Snacks

Due to their unique taste and structure olives are used a lot in sandwiches and toasts. The flavor of black olives gets enhanced by other things like cheese, almonds and garlic which makes it fun to add on different things. Parsley and olive canapes are as delicious as they are simple to prepare.

Parsley and Black Olive CanapeParsley and Black Olive Canape

They can be made in under 30 minutes along with Sundried tomatoes and Cheese rolls, ready to be served to any guests at a party!

Olives also make a wonderful addition to sandwiches, as you might’ve noticed in Subway, they are one of the favorite toppings for a Sub Sandwich! Not only can black olives be out on top of bread, they can also be put inside it. Confused?

Veg Sub SandwichVeg Sub Sandwich

Let me clear that up. Focaccia is an oven baked Italian bread which generally has certain toppings baked in the dough itself. The most common topping here is olives because of the amazing taste it provides to the bread! This bread is served as a side dish in many Italian restaurants and homes.

Focaccia Bread, Homemade Italian Soft BreadFocaccia Bread, Homemade Italian Soft Bread

International Black olives Recipes

The best way to use olives is to add them to pasta. Penne Arrabiata is a simple tomato sauce based pasta with basic, wholesome flavors of tomato, garlic, basil and a kick from the olives.

Penne ArrabiataPenne Arrabiata

Italians use olives with no hesitation in many of their dishes. It is a preferred topping over many pizzas like a Spring onion and Olive Thin Crust Pizza.

Spring Onion and Olive Thin Crust PizzaSpring Onion and Olive Thin Crust Pizza

Greeks too love their olives. They are a regular addition to their most famous salad – the Greek Salad. This salad is a mix of different flavors and textures that come together wonderfully and is tied together with olives. Olives and feta cheese really complement each other's taste and are often served together on a cheese platter.

Greek Salad, Healthy Veg Greek SaladGreek Salad, Healthy Veg Greek Salad

But you can even combine them together in a Black Beans, Feta, Basil and Tomato Salad that tastes amazing!

Black Beans, Feta , Basil and Tomato SaladBlack Beans, Feta , Basil and Tomato Salad

If you want to know more about the Uses of Black Olives, then you can check out our article on that.

Enjoy our black olive recipe collection given below.

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Focaccia Bread is a soft Italian bread that is sure to elevate the standard of any meal it is served with. This famous bread can be used to make sandwiches, toast or bread-based starters. Loaded with herbs and black olives, the Focaccia Bread is bursting wit ....
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The ladies of the night in Naples are credited with inventing this dish. They liked it because it is fast, easy to cook and uses very few ingredients. I think you will like it too! Spaghetti tossed with garlic, tomatoes and olives make this a quick and classic combination.
cheesy paneer parsley toast recipe | paneer parsley cheese open toast | paneer parsley toast | with amazing 10 pictures Long day at work and want to prepare something that is ready in a jiffy? “C ....
Pesto is a traditional italian sauce prepared with olives, crushed pepper, basil leaves and olive oil. It combines very well with tomatoes and cheese, giving the black olive pesto sandwich a gourmet touch.
pizza paratha recipe | cheesy pizza paratha | cheese and vegetable stuffed paratha | with 15 amazing images. A desi delight with a Western touch, the pizza paratha is a
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Two star ingredients – black olives and parsley – are used smartly to make these canapés distinctly different and worthy of heavy praise! While the olives are used as a topping, the parsley is mixed into a tongue-tickling spread with butter and chilli flakes. The overall effect is amazing – and ....
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