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301 bread crumbs recipes

Last Updated : May 08,2019

ब्रेड क्रम्बस् रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (bread crumbs recipes in Hindi)
બ્રેડ ક્રમ્બસ્ રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (bread crumbs recipes in Gujarati)

301 bread crumbs recipes | Indian bread crumbs recipes |

bread crumb recipes. Indian bread crumb recipe collectionBread crumbs literally mean the crumbs of breads. They are made by crushing or grinding toasted or leftover bread (which is not very soft). Making bread crumbs and storing them is a great way to avoid wastage of extra bread. The color and size of the crumbs will differ depending on whether the bread is dried, fresh or toasted. Ideally breadcrumbs are used to give a nice crunchy coating to food before deep frying it but it can also be added to gravies as a thickener.

Snack Recipes made with Bread Crumbs

Aloo Cheese Croquettes, Potato and Cheese RollsAloo Cheese Croquettes, Potato and Cheese Rolls

Bread crumbs are usually used for coating of the tikki or patty that is then either pan fried or deep fried. Using bread crumbs here gives a crispy outside coating to the food with a soft inside. Cheesy Noodle Cutlets are these chewy, delicious cutlets that kids will love! Have them with ketchup or with a sweet chilli sauce, they are sure to be a hit. For something more Italian, you can make Aloo Cheese Croquettes or Pasta Cheese Balls. These are the best snacks to make when you have some leftover pasta or boiled potatoes.

For something a bit more Indian, we have the Punjabi special Dahi ke Kebab. A thick batter of Hung curd, spices, onions and coriander is made. Here bread crumbs are also added to the mixture as well to make it a little thick and consistent. Mix bread crumbs with some idli rava to get super soft, fluffy instant Bread Idlis. The innovative recipe is a quick one in which we add curd as well to give that tinge of tanginess.

Main Course Recipes with Bread Crumbs

Baked Cheesy Eggplant in Tomato Salsa, with EggsBaked Cheesy Eggplant in Tomato Salsa, with Eggs

Who says you can use bread crumbs to only make snacks? Hara Bhara Kebabs in Green Gravy is an example of that how when you have leftover bread or bread crumbs you can transform it into a creative subzi. You can even coat the Vegetable Burger patty in the bread crumbs to make it nice and crispy for crunchy exterior and soft interior.

Italians love their bread, and their bread crumbs! Garlic Spaghetti Bake has a nice flavor of garlic coming through which is cooked in white sauce, and then topped with bread crumbs to give a crunchy layer. Eggplant and cheese taste fantastic together. When you add a coat of breadcrumbs on top, it makes the dish all the more better. Baked Cheesy Eggplant in Tomato Salsa brings all these wonderful flavors of cheese, eggplant and tomato together in a wonderful baked dish.

Dessert Recipes with Bread Crumbs

Steamed Christmas Pudding, Dry Fruit Steamed PuddingSteamed Christmas Pudding, Dry Fruit Steamed Pudding

The best desserts are the easiest ones. Why go through a complicated recipe when you can make a simple Chocolate Pudding with bread crumbs and chocolate in a pressure cooker! This recipe is quickly prepared in 30 minutes and satisfies the taste buds to the fullest extent. You can even bake a Christmas Dry Fruit Steamed Pudding to kick it up a notch. This has a lot of ingredients put together but is worth every ounce of effort!

Enjoy our bread crumb recipes. Indian bread crumb recipe collection given below.

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Very easy to make and ideal to serve at parties, the Potato Nuggets is sure to please you with its succulent mouth-feel and pleasant cheesy flavour. A mixture of mashed potatoes and cheese, flavoured elegantly with red chilli flakes, is shaped into nuggets and deep-fried to make this all-time fa ....
A melt-in-your-mouth treat, which does not melt from your memory forever! These exciting Cheese Poppers feature herbed cheese slice rolls that are batter-fried to perfection. It is amazing how a small sprinkling of mixed herbs with chilli flakes can transform plain cheese slices into a flavourfu ....
Corn is an all-time favourite, so is cheese. Put these two together in the form of a crunchy yet soft-centered deep-fried dish, and you have a chartbuster. Also try other recipes with corn and cheese combo like Corn Filled Bread Tartlets ,
Bread Cutlets are scrumptious veg cutlets made with a mixture of softened bread, mashed potatoes and other veggies perked up with everyday taste-givers like garlic, ginger, green chillies and coriander. The bread not only gives volume and keeps the ingredients together but also gives the shallow ....
Your kids will jump with joy and thank you for this sumptuous treat! A succulent cutlet of paneer and coarsely crushed green peas gives an exciting twist to this crunchy, juicy, satiating burger. Eggless mayonnaise provides the required creaminess, while veggies and lettuce impart an enjoyable crunc ....
Zucchini and cheese get along so beautifully together in this masterpiece! Juicy slices of zucchini are baked with a coating of bread crumbs and cheese, which gives it a very unique and enjoyable texture. Since the zucchini slices are dipped in olive oil before coating with other ingredients, ....
A yummy starter, which is sure to raise one’s expectations of the forthcoming meal! Aloo Cheese Croquettes also look very appetising, so nobody is likely to pass up the tray without tasting one. A melt-in-the-mouth covering of mashed potatoes gives way to a succulent, cheesy filling that has the pep ....
Rich, richer, richest – you will be at a loss how to rate these creamy and soft Dahi ke Kebabs. Interestingly, hung curd forms the main ingredient of these kebabs, supplemented by paneer and bread crumbs for volume and shape. This trio is perked up with herbs, masalas and cashewnuts, not to forget t ....
This is not really a barbeque recipe but I like the way the cottage cheese melts lightly when grilled just before you serve them. It's also a substantial dish to add to a barbeque menu. Serve them with burger buns to make veggie burgers.
A rich,goey chocolaty pudding made with fresh bread crumbs, condensed milk, walnuts and steamed in a pressure cooker. Tastes best when warm.
An interesting way of combining an unusual leafy vegetable like mint and a pulse like masoor. As i have used only 1 teaspoon of oil to cook these tikkis, they are really amazing being moreover relatively light in terms of calories as compared to the deep fried tikkis which are loaded with oil. Serve ....
Spinach and cheese balls, this power-packed snack is made up of cheese and paneer, 2 dense sources of protein. Paneer has a bland flavour and thus blends well with any ingredient. This recipes is sure to be enjoyed by people of all age groups especially the kids who love to munch on finger foo ....
Sumptuous cheese corn balls served with buttered parsley rice, glazed vegetables topped with a red wine flavoured tomato sauce. You can serve pasta instead of the rice if you prefer.
This crunchy accompaniment is cheese, cheese and cheese all the way through, so nothing can please cheese-lovers more! A simple flavouring of oregano and chilli-flakes ensures that the overall effect is very pleasing. Fried mozzarella sticks can also be served as a party
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