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Chopped Mango Recipes, Indian chopped mango recipes

chopped mango recipes | Indian Chopped Mango Recipes.   Mango, also known as the kind of fruits, is India's beloved fruit. It is available in the months of summer and for those 3 months, this fruit is all anyone can eat. They are available in many varieties like totapuri, kesar, hafus etc and all differ slightly in taste. Because of the soft and creamy texture, you can add them to smoothies and desserts. The sweet and slightly tangy taste of mangoes is very unique and different from any other fruit.

Chopped Mango Indian Dessert Recipes

Kulfi and Fruit Ice CreamKulfi and Fruit Ice Cream

This delicious fruit tastes amazing as a dessert in itself but you can also add it to other dishes! Mango Cheese Pie – Make this delicious cold pie on a hot summer day to enjoy it the most. With a mix of textures: crunchy from the biscuits, creamy from the cream cheese and sweet from the mangoes, this pie is very pleasing to the palate. Add chopped mangoes to other desserts like a Mango Falooda, Kulfi and Fruit Ice Cream or Quick Mango Mousse for a better taste.

Snack Recipes with Chopped Mangoes

Mango SalsaMango Salsa

Make the most of mangoes in the mango season by making this Thai inspired Mango Salsa. This salsa, unlike other salsas, combines the sweet and salty flavors of mangoes, chillies, capsicum and lemon. Serve this with nacho chips or over toast for the best result! Mango and Burrata Cheese Crostini is the ideal party starter. Even though the combination of mangoes, burrata and jalapenos might seem off-beat, but trust me it is delectable!

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कटे हुए आम रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (chopped mango recipes in Hindi)
સમારેલી કેરી રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (chopped mango recipes in Gujarati)

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Chocolate and mango- what perfect partners!! In this wonderful dessert mango yoghurt compliments the yummy chocolate pancakes.
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Make the most of mangoes when they are in season, because it is undoubtedly the King of Fruits and continues to prove its mettle year in and year out! This year, make sure you relish this tongue-tickling Mango Salsa too. Made of Alphonso mangoes, a few cris ....
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mango lassi recipe | Punjabi mango lassi | healthy mango lassi | with 10 amazing images. mango lassi is a yummy Indian drink made from mangoes, curd, milk and sugar (optional). Consumed mai ....
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Anybody who has tried their hand at making North Indian dishes will be familiar with this ingredient! Indeed, Amchur or Dry Mango Powder is a very commonly used ingredient, which adds a peppy tang to dishes ranging from snacks and
A creamy mango coconut ice-cream, this combination is unique to thailand
If you want to start a party on the perfect note, start with crostinis. Dainty crisped pieces of bread with delectable toppings, crostinis are amongst the world’s most favourite starters . This one, ....
Here is a snazzy variant of the ever-popular Sev Puri , where the papdis are topped with a delightful mixture of mangoes, capsicum and tomatoes, not to forget chaat masala and a couple of other spice powders. Garnish the Mango Sev Puri with loads o ....
Watch how the sweetness of bananas and the captivating taste of mangoes combine with the humble but nutritious spinach to make an awesomely thick
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Here is one dish that will easily rise to the top of your favourites list! A unique dish from Thai cuisine, this features soft and fresh pancakes stuffed with a superb mix of mangoes and coconut sweetened mildly with sugar and bound together by fresh cream. The strong flavour of mangoes, the m ....
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