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42 purple yam recipes

Last Updated : Jan 19,2021

कंद, बैंगनी याम रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (purple yam recipes in Hindi)
કંદ રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (purple yam recipes in Gujarati)

42 purple yam recipes, Indian kand recipes, Suran Recipes

Indian purple yam recipes, kand recipes. suran recipes. Kand, commonly known as purple yam, is quite adorable to most just because of its pruple colour and mildly sweetened taste it possess. In the market, this fleshy root tuber is usually available in different shapes depending on its variety.

 Kand ChillaKand Chilla

When you need to choose the best purple yam, choose the one that is firm and does not have any cracks, bruises or soft spots. Upon getting it home, purple yams should be stored in a cool, dark and well-ventilated place where they will keep fresh for up to ten days.

Kand has a very homely taste, which is liked by everybody, both children and adults. It can be used to make a variety of recipes ranging from morning to evening, from Starter to Main Course, Kand can be used to make a wide range of mouth-watering delicacies.

  Layered Handva, Farali Handvo Recipe, Fasting Recipe, Vrat Recipe Layered Handva, Farali Handvo Recipe, Fasting Recipe, Vrat Recipe

What is the most famous purple yam, kand Indian dish ?

From Gujarat, we have the traditional Oondhiya recipe which is associated with kand. We also have the healthy Oondhiya recipe which uses lesser oil. 

Oondhiya, Undhiyu, Gujarati Undhiyu RecipeOondhiya, Undhiyu, Gujarati Undhiyu Recipe

Purple Yam, Kand is used in Faraal recipes

Purple Yam, Kand is used in Faraal recipes. Indian love fasting ( during Sankashti Chathurthi, maha shivaratri, Ekadashi) ) and purple yam is used very often.

Crispy and flavourful pakodas made of yam, potatoes and crushed peanuts, the Kand Aloo Pakoda is good company for a cup of hot masala chai on a cold winter’s day. The best part is that this tasty treat can be enjoyed in fasting days as well.

Kand Aloo Pakoda (Faraal Recipe)Kand Aloo Pakoda (Faraal Recipe)

Layered Handvo farali recipe is tempting paneer teamed with spicy green chutney is sandwiched between purple yam and potato and baked to perfection. Kand wafers recipe is another super farali snack which my kids love.

Kand WafersKand Wafers

Purple Yam Snacks

puple yam Indian snacks. Try the kand sandwich recipe which is nothing but simple slices of purple yam sandwiched with green chutney and toasted in a non-stick tava.

Kand Sandwich, Faraali Purple Yam Sandwich RecipeKand Sandwich, Faraali Purple Yam Sandwich Recipe

Kand and potato rosti recipe is an innovative snack and variation to the Swiss rosti. Here purple yam is added to the grated potatoes and then the recipe is tweaked to add green chillies, lemon juice and peanuts. This is also a perfect recipe for ekadashi.

Like all traditional bhajias, kand na bhajia is also made by deep-frying thin slices of purple yam dipped in a gram flour batter.

Kand Na Bhajia (Gujarati Recipe)Kand Na Bhajia (Gujarati Recipe)

Purple Yam Stir Fry recipe

Purple yam Indian ​stir fry recipes. Kand Stir Fry recipe features purple yam, stir-fried with a traditional tempering and seasoned with crushed peanuts and lemon juice. This gives the Purple Yam Stir Fry a unique texture and a very enjoyable flavour, which is a mix of peanut’s musky flavour and a lemony tang too!

Kand Stir Fry, Purple Yam Stir FryKand Stir Fry, Purple Yam Stir Fry

Is purple yam, kand, suran healthy?

Kand (Purple Yam) : The antioxidant anthocyanin is the key element which will help fight the free radicals produced due to stress and pollution. Again it’s the anthocyanin which is identified as an anti-cancer agent. It helps in the prevention of cancerous cells.  Purple yam is  fairly good source of carb, almost equal to potatoes, it would be best for diabetics to restrict its use.

 Aloo and Kand Rasawala Shaak, Faraal Recipe Aloo and Kand Rasawala Shaak, Faraal Recipe

Fiber will bind cholesterol, while potassium will balance the effect of sodium and ease the nerves. However, kand also lends some carbs with it. So if you are overweight or diabetic along with exhibiting heart trouble, try and restrict its consumption. Read details is kand healthy?

Enjoy our  Indian purple yam recipes, kand recipes below. 

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Thin slices of purple yam coated with a gram flour batter and deep fried makes for unusual and subtle-flavoured pakodas. The crushed coriander and peppercorns sprinkled on the batter coated slices of kand impart a nice crunch and flavour as you bite into these pakodas.
Kand Tikki is a perfect recipe to try when you are bored of potato-based snacks. In a smart twist, this recipe enables you to use kand instead of potatoes to make tikkis, especially in the winter, when this root vegetable is in season and you can’t skip a visit to the market without buying some! ....
A seemingly elaborate procedure, which is actually done in minutes! the baked kand is a lip-smacking preparation of yam slices layered with a green peas mixture, topped with coconut sauce, and baked till the texture is perfect and the aroma irresistible. Indeed, your guests will shower you with prai ....
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Like all traditional bhajias, kand na bhajia is also made by deep-frying thin slices of purple yam dipped in a gram flour batter. However, the coriander seeds, sesame seeds and the freshly-ground pepper powder that are added just before frying give it an edge over its counterparts! serve this on a r ....
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Crisp yet soft, savoury to the core, the Kand Puri is a mouth-watering way to satiate your hunger on fasting days. It is a quick and easy recipe, which you must try in the winter season when this root vegetable is available in plenty. You just need to make a dough of boiled and mashed purple yam ....
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