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112 whisked curds recipes

Last Updated : Oct 16,2020

फेंटा हुआ दही रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (whisked curds recipes in Hindi)
જેરી લીધેલી દહીં રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (whisked curds recipes in Gujarati)

whisked curds recipes | 107 whisked curd recipe collection |

whisked curd indian recipes. Curd is the heart and soul of India. All Indians consume curd in some capacity or the other in their daily lives either plain or as buttermilk (chaas). Dahi is made by fermentation of milk buy adding more buttermilk or curd to it. This results in the formation of smooth and creamy curd. There are many variations of this and one of them is whisked curd. This is done by beating or whisking the curd till air gets incorporated into it and it becomes completely smooth.

Whisked Curd Recipes for Indian Subzi and Curries

Achari BainganAchari Baingan

Whisked curd is utilized the most in Indian cuisine. Even though discovered by accident, adding curd to food has now gained a lot of popularity. It adds a certain sourness to the gravy to which it is added, giving it khatta taste. Curd works well with certain spices like cumin, turmeric, chilli powder and other pickling spices to make finger licking subzis like Achaari Paneer and Achaari Baingan. It is not necessary to stick with these as a main vegetable, you can add the ones of your choice, and this gravy is tasty enough to carry the flavor through. The same way we can make Dahiwale Aloo ki Subzi.

Punjabi Pakoda KadhiPunjabi Pakoda Kadhi

Kadhi is a type of curry that is made with curd and flavored with spices. There are many types of kadhis that can be made, each with its own twist. Dal Kadhi is made by adding chana dal and besan to the kadhi, Punjabi Pakoda Kadhi is perked up with fried besan pakodas and a rich assortment of spices and Sprouts Kadhi which is basically a plain kadhi made healthy by adding sprouts. In all the above recipes, make sure you don’t cook anything acidic and make sure to cook on a low flame to prevent the curd from curdling.

Whisked Curds Recipes for Snacks

Dahi PuriDahi Puri

There is an array of recipes in Indian Cuisine that can be made with whisked curds, a lot of different subzis, but it is also used in so many snacks, especially street food. In chaats like Dahi Puri, a lot of chutneys, flavors and textures come together to make super impactful snack. All these flavors are humbled down by a simple addition of whisked curds over this to make it even better! Khasta Kachori chaat, basically means flaky kachori, also uses whisked dahi to make it better.

Dahi VadasDahi Vadas

Dahi Vada as the name itself suggests, uses whisked curd as its main ingredient. Soft vadas are stuffed, topped with chaat masala drizzled with loads of curd, chutneys and coriander! Sweetened curd is served alongside Faraali Pattice during the fasting days and is eaten like a sweet chutney. An exciting and new way to eat Idli is to dunk it in curd, pour tempering over it and enjoyed as a cold starter called Dahi Idli.

Whisked Curd Recipes for Accompaniments

Cucumber PachadiCucumber Pachadi

As mentioned before, every meal in an Indian household has curd in some form or the other. It can be in the form of Raita, which is curd mixed with either cucumber, boondi, radish or other vegetables and is eaten alongside the main course. Raitas can be of different types, a few of them being Palak Raita, Cucumber Raita or even Pumpkin Raita, it provides freshness to the meal. Another excellent accompaniment with meals is Curd Rice. Cooked rice is mixed with fresh curd and tempered with mustard seeds, hing and curry leaves, making it delicious and light.

Enjoy our whisked curd indian recipes collection below. You may find our curds recipe collection and article on hung curds recipes useful. 

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