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गुजराती कठोल रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Gujarati Kathols recipes in Hindi)
ગુજરાતી કઠોળ વાનગીઓ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Gujarati Kathols recipes in Gujarati)

Gujarati Kathols, Gujarati recipes using pulses

Kathol recipes, Gujarati recipes using Pulses. Kathol means pulses, and these have a special place in Gujarati cuisine. They are prepared not just as dals but also as delicious subzis which are mostly served at lunch time so that they will get digested easily. Also, they can be used to make pulaos. They are a very good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber and protein.

Gujarati Kathol, Moong 

Khatta MoongKhatta Moong

The use of whole green gram or moong is very common in a Gujarati household. Dry subzi like Sukha Moong made with regular spices or Khatta Moong simmered with curds and spices are unique and a perfect accompaniment to phulka roti and some sliced onions.

Gujarati Kathol, Vaal 

Vaal Ni Dal
Vaal Ni Dal

Rangoon vaal are low in fat and rich in B-complex vitamins, calcium and potassium. They can be sprouted and added to salad or boiled and added to soup to fortify their nutrient content. Rice with vaal ni dal is a favorite combination of surtis. You can even make this quick one dish meal Vaal Ni Dal No Pulao.

Kathol Recipes

A wonderful combination of various kathols with a sweet-sour flavor from jaggery-tamarind pulp. Mixed Kathol is usually served during ‘jaman’ and is a regular in Gujarati fare. Take your pick from pulse preparations like Sprouted Curry with Methi Muthia, Rasawala Chana are other delights that taste great with rotis and parathas.

Sprouted Curry with Methi MuthiaSprouted Curry with Methi Muthia

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Mixed Kathol ( Gujarati Recipe) recipe
Mixed kathol features a wonderful combo of pulses cooked and presented the gujarati way. Kathol is part of the ‘jaman’ served during the festive seasons, but it is also made regularly in gujarati households throughout the year.
Vaal Ni Dal ( Gujarati Recipe) recipe
Vaal ni dal is an interesting and unique preparation of field beans, that is prepared often in guajarati households. The raisins contrast and complement the choice of spices used in this recipe. When served with rice and a good choice of sweet, vaal ni dal qualifies as festive fare!
Khatta Moong ( Gujarati Recipe) recipe
khatta moong recipe | Gujarati khatta moong | khatta mag | dahiwala khatta moong | green moong in buttermilk curry | with amazing 22 images. k ....
Double Beans Curry recipe
Double beans are very commonly used in gujarati cuisine, as the sole star of a recipe or to support other vegetables. However, there is a twist in this version of double beans curry as i have enriched it with a spicy punjabi style masala instead of the down-to-earth spices used by gujaratis.
Rasawala Chana ( Gujarati Recipe) recipe
Ummmm. . . . Here is a sweet tangy kathol preparation that leaves your taste buds with food memories. Besan adds the required thickness to the kathol, but remember to sauté the besan on a slow flame till brown or else it will impart a raw taste to the kathol. Do not make this recipe too much in adva ....
Ragda Patties ( Gujarati Recipe ) recipe
Extremely popular in Western India, the Ragda Patties needs no introduction to the food-lover. For the rest of you, it’s a yummy dish of potato patties, stuffed with spiced safed vatana, and drowned in a tongue-tickling gravy of more safed vatana perked up with onion and spices. The ample use of ....
Rangoon Na Vaal ( Gujarati Recipe) recipe
Rangoon na vaal is a wholesome yet effortless preparation of field beans. The use of varied ingredients like jaggery, imli, chilli powder and ajwain imparts a unique sweet and sour tang to this dish. Soaking is very indispensable, so plan accordingly.
Sprouted Curry with Methi Muthia recipe
The beautiful colour of this Sprouted Curry with Methi Muthia will be the first thing that catches your attention, and this is because of the smart combination of coriander and spinach in the masala paste. But, that’s the just the beginning of the whole, enjoyable story! The mouth-watering fla ....
Masala Toovar Dal, Maharashtrian Gravy recipe
Not very spicy but super tasty, the Masala Toovar Dal is a homely Maharashtrian dish that goes very well with roti or steamed rice . Here, cooked t ....
Masala Chawli ( Know Your Dals and Pulses ) recipe
An innovative recipe of chawli or lobhia beans served in a gravy that is flavoured with tomatoes, mint and kasuri methi.
Vaal Ni Dal No Pulao ( Gujarati Recipe) recipe
Rice and sprouted vaal waltz together to make a delectable one-dish meal! you can also make this pulao with only garlic and red chillies. Whichever way you make it, remember that the specialty of this dish is that it is to be cooked in oil unlike other rice preparations, which are usually cooked in ....
Chuada Muthiya Nu Shaak ( Cowpeas and Muthiya Veg) recipe
A delicious saatvik recipe made without using onions and garlic.
Instant Moong recipe
A simple dal recipe for busy people, instant moong can be prepared within minutes without compromising on the taste. The garlic and chilli paste is fried and then added to boiled moong dal. Enjoy the spicy instant moong dal with steamed rice.

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