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फरवरी महिना में पकाने के लिए भारतीय रेसिपी: - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Foods to cook in February recipes in Hindi)
ફેબ્રુઆરી મહિના માં બનતી રેસિપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Foods to cook in February recipes in Gujarati)

Best Indian Foods for February

Most fruits and veggies are available throughout the year these days, but it takes our palate just a second to spot which ones are in season, and which ones not! The season’s best, the fruits and veggies that Mother Nature offers us in that period of time are bursting with flavour, juicy to the core and absolutely irresistible! They look so bright and attractive that you cannot cross them in the market without buying some – and they are easy on the pocket too when the season peaks. In fact, when something is in season, you would have noticed that it tastes great even when had raw, or just boiled and seasoned elegantly.

We strolled down the marketplace to figure out what’s in season in February, and we found a bounty of tasty veggies and fruits.

16 Indian Foods that are in season in February

  16 Indian Foods that are in season in February
1. Green grapes
2. Black grapes
3. Pomegranate
4. Dragon fruit
5. Raspberry
6. Blueberry
7. Blackberry
8. Strawberries
9. Oranges
10. Carrots
11. Broccoli
12. Green peas
13. Surti papdi
14. Sweet potato
15. Fenugreek leaves
16. Spinach

Whoa, what a bounty! You can see that this is a rather vast spread with which you can make delicious Indian recipes, ranging from sorbets and raitas to subzis and parathas too. The mellow sweetness of sweet potatoes, the succulence of spinach, the pleasant bitterness of fenugreek leaves, the tangy juiciness of berries and oranges, not to forget the versatility of carrots and green peas – in their own way, each of these fruits and veggies is very tasty and useful to make a wide spread of dishes!

Once you pick these up from the market, we highly recommend trying out the following recipes. You can also find many more such recipes using these ingredients on our website.

Since time immemorial, the Indian physicians have always recommended eating local and seasonal produce. This is one of our time-tested methods of staying hale and healthy. Although this common wisdom has been forgotten in these times when most veggies and fruits are available throughout the year, it does help to seek out the local, fresh, seasonal produce and consume that more than others. So, next time you visit the market, be conscious about what’s in season and plan your purchases accordingly! It’s now time to enjoy February’s bounty!

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