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करवा चौथ की - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Karwa Chauth recipes in Hindi)
કરવા ચૌથ માટે - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Karwa Chauth recipes in Gujarati)

Karwa Chauth Recipes, Vrat, Sweets

Recipes for Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth (Karva Chauth) is a popular festival from Northern India predominantly celebrated in the states of Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. On this day, married women observe fast for long life of their husbands. See our Sweets eaten before karwa Chauth fast starts, Sabzis for karwa Chauth, Snacks for karwa Chauth, Desserts for karwa Chauth and Meal for karwa Chauth. 

Karwa Chauth Vidhi, Karva Chauth Procedure

The word Karwa Chauth has been derived from Hindi word “Karwa” meaning “a small earthen pot” and “Chauth” means “fourth”, referring to the time in which the festival falls. Before the sunrise, women eat fruits and sweets. The fruits and sweets are sent by their mother-in-law and this ritual is known as 'sargi'.

Kala Jamun Recipe
Kala Jamun Recipe

All the women observing fast, come together and sing songs and perform puja. They do not consume anything during the day except for water. The fast is broken only after seeing the moon.

Once the moon rises, the women see its reflection in a thali of water through a sieve or dupatta. The husband then offers her wife with a sip of water and thus breaks her fast. They offer water to the moon and seek blessings for prosperity and safety.

Mawa-KachoriMawa Kachori

Karwa Chauth Food Recipes

Malpua RecipeMalpua Recipe

Just like other Indian festivals were food is a part of the celebration, even on Karwa Chauth food is an important aspect. After the puja, the fast is broken and the feast begins. Varieties of Indian sweets like halwa, malpua, rasgulla, laddoos are made and consumed by one and all.

Paneer Butter MasalaPaneer Butter Masala

A thali generally consists of a dry subzi, subzi with gravy, flatbreads (puri, paratha, naan, etc), sweets, snack and side-dishes like raita, chutney, pickles and papad. Paneer butter masala with naan, boondi raita, dahi vada and malpua are some of my favorite delicacies.

Palak RaitaPalak Raita

Here we have listed down an assortment of dishes which you can prepare and enjoy on this auspicious occasion. Create your own thali with the food suggested below.

Sweets eaten before karwa Chauth fast starts

Starting the fast of karva Chauth, it is important to have some sweets and start your day. Here are few recipes of sweets which you can make and enjoy. 

1.      Moong Dal Halwa classic recipe that is relished throughout Rajasthan during the winter months, as it is supposed to keep the body warm.

 Moong Dal Halwa Moong Dal Halwa

2.      Badam ka Halwa just slides down your throat and warms your soul! One of the all-time favourite Indian sweets.

 Badam ka Halwa Badam ka Halwa

3.      Chenna Malpua lacy malpuas made using fresh paneer which will melt in your mouth. This recipe is somewhat comparable to the famous malai malpuas.

 Chenna Malpua ( Rajasthani Recipe) Chenna Malpua ( Rajasthani Recipe)

Sabzis for karwa Chauth 

Amazing sabzi to have with your Indian bread, must try sabzi. Choose you favourite from the below lot and enjoy your meal with your loved ones. 

1.      Jaipuria Vegetable an interesting assortment of veggies and paneer are cooked with spices, taste-givers like ginger, green chillies, etc., and a dash of fresh cream.

2.      Creamy Mughlai Vegetable Subzi ffortless preparation of mixed vegetables, raisins and golden brown cashewnuts, perked up with garam masala, is a real treat for both your eyes and your senses. 

3.      Kadai Paneer Subzi a spicy and delicious sabzi. It is on the menu of almost every Indian restaurant. 

 Kadai Paneer Subzi Kadai Paneer Subzi

Paneer Butter Masala a necessary addition to your culinary skillset, and it is quite easy and quick too.

Snacks for karwa Chauth 

Feel to munch little light food rather than having a full meal. Here are options to choose from to make your favourite food.

1.      Chana Dal Puri combines soaked and ground chana dal with wheat flour and semolina in the dough. A couple of spices and coriander do their bit in jazzing up the taste of these puris.

 Chana Dal Puri Chana Dal Puri

2.      Dahi Vadas golden-coloured vadas might taste good as such, but they taste even better when made into tongue-tickling Dahi Vadas.

 Dahi Vadas, Dahi Bhalla, North Indian Chaat Recipe Dahi Vadas, Dahi Bhalla, North Indian Chaat Recipe

3.      Sweet Banana Dumplings scrumptious dumplings are made by deep-frying a batter of whole wheat flour and mashed bananas, perked up with cardamom powder. 

4.      Sweet Potato Tikkis with Tomato Raita soft texture and pleasant taste of sweet potatoes work very well with the selected gamut of spice powders and pastes.

 Sweet Potato Tikkis with Tomato Raita Sweet Potato Tikkis with Tomato Raita

Desserts for karwa Chauth

After the meal you need little sweet to make a complete meal. Here are recipes which are easy to make and can be made in advance.

1.      Gulab Jamun Cutlet delicate deep-fried rolls made with crumbled hariyali mava, nuts and spices bound together with a proper mix of flours, are soaked in sugar syrup, and then sliced into cutlets.

2.      Fruit Custard timeless recipe that has been enjoyed for generations, the Fruit Custard is an aesthetic mix of fruits and custard.

Fruit CustardFruit Custard

Meal for karwa Chauth

Rich meal for you loved ones. Now you have the choice to choose whats your favourite and start to cook, and surely you will be able to impress. 

1.      Punjabi Aloo Puri Recipe mild crunch of onions, the unmistakable tang of tomatoes, the tongue-tickling flavour and appetizing aroma of spice powders.

 Punjabi Aloo Puri Recipe, Delhi Street Food Punjabi Aloo Puri Recipe, Delhi Street Food

2.      Dal Baati Churma Rajasthanis specialise in serving sweet and savoury dishes in combinations that steal the heart and delight the taste buds.

Dal-Baati-ChurmaDal Baati Churma

3.      Shahi Pulao a rice dish that is loaded with spices, veggies and a horde of other ingredients, which give it a memorable flavour and texture. 

 Shahi Pulao Shahi Pulao

4.      Paneer Tikki Aur Chole most popular chaats in North India. One afternoon when I was left with the task of feeding my hungry grandchildren, I thought of making the most of what was available on my kitchen shelf.

 Paneer Tikki Aur Chole Paneer Tikki Aur Chole

Enjoy our Karwa Chauth Recipes, Vrat, Sweets and other Indian festival recipe articles.


Karwa Chauth Recipes


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