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हरे पत्ते की सब्जी रेसिपीज - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Leafy Vegetable Sabzis recipes in Hindi)
લીલા પાંદળાના શાક - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Leafy Vegetable Sabzis recipes in Gujarati)

Leafy Vegetable Sabzi | Indian leafy vegetable Sabzis |

Leafy Vegetable Sabzi | Indian leafy vegetable Sabzis | We have a range of leafy vegetable sabzi recipes ranging from simple Indian leafy vegetables, healthy leafy vegetable sabzis, quick leafy veg sabzis to Punjabi leafy vegetable sabzis.

 Hara Bhara Kebab in Green Gravy
 Hara Bhara Kebab in Green Gravy

Simple Indian leafy vegetables, sabzi

Suva Palak Methi Subzi

Suva Palak Methi Subzi

Not much ingredients used to make these delectable sabzis. The main highlight is the leafy vegetables in all the recipes. Gives a very nice taste to your sabzi. Try out our few  recipes, which will make your daily cooking routine simple.

1.      Shepu Chi Bhaji tantalisingly flavourful bhaji prepared with aromatic dill leaves, the Shepu chi Bhaji is an all-time favourite Maharashtrian accompaniment. 

2.      Methi, Tomato and Paneer Subzi paneer replaces aloo in this quick-to-make and equally tasty variation of the popular methi aloo. 

3.      Mooli ki Subzi delicious duo is perked up with simple but aromatic seeds and spice powders.

 Mooli Sabzi, Mooli ki Sabji Mooli Sabzi, Mooli ki Sabji

4.      Methi Papad a mouthwatering delicacy that provides you a clear taste of Gujarati cuisine – simple yet irresistibly tasty!

5.      Aloo Gobi Methi Tuk a traditional tempering and fenugreek leaves. Deep-frying the potato wedges with the peels on, gives it a rustic flavour that you will thoroughly enjoy.    

 Aloo Gobi Methi Tuk  Aloo Gobi Methi Tuk

Quick Indian leafy vegetables, sabzi

When you want subzis  to be ready in minutes, but yet you want super tasty, here are few recipes to follow.

1.      Methi Mutter Malai has a mildly-sweet taste, which is complemented well by the addictive taste of fenugreek leaves. 

Methi Mutter Malai
Methi Mutter Malai

2.      Kela Methi Nu Shaak an interesting life is always a tasty blend of happiness and joy! this recipe, with a rare combination of mildly-bitter methi and pleasantly-sweet bananas.

 Kela Methi Nu Shaak ( Gujarati Recipe)
 Kela Methi Nu Shaak ( Gujarati Recipe)

3.      Suva Moong Dal Subzi Iron-rich suva and protein and zinc rich moong dal are a perfect combo for building haemoglobin in the body.

Suva Moong Dal Subzi
Suva Moong Dal Subzi

4.       Hari Bhaji Loaded not just with vegetables but also the abundant goodness of spinach and herbs like dill and mint, this recipe is so tasty and wholesome, you cannot wish for anything better! 

5.      Radish Muthia and Green Peas Subzi muthias, made using radish leaves, are rich in vitamins A and C. Baking makes them healthier than the deep-fried alternatives.    

 Radish Muthia and Green Peas Subzi
 Radish Muthia and Green Peas Subzi    

Punjabi style leafy sabzi, vegetables

Who does not love Punjabi sabzis, every Indian restaurant has a list of amazing Punjabi subzis. Here are some amazing sabzis, where you will surely lick your fingers. 

1.      Paneer Methi Chaman typical punjabi preparation can be found at nearly any good punjabi restaurant. Loads of greens are combined with healthy paneer and punjabi spices to form this brilliant creation.

2.       Methi Chole combination of pleasantly bitter fenugreek leaves with nutty chick peas, flavoured awesomely with an onion paste, tomato paste and spice powders. 

3.      Methi Mushroom Sabzi Pleasantly bitter and super aromatic fenugreek leaf is a great match for the relatively flavourless mushroom!

4.       Lehsuni Paneer Palak Subzi  luscious texture but also to balance the flavour of garlic with the rest of the ingredients. 

 Lehsuni Paneer Palak Subzi
  Lehsuni Paneer Palak Subzi

Healthy Indian leafy sabzis, vegetables

Healthy sabzis for weight watchers.. with less oil and less masala, but yet the sabzis taste really  good. Try out these sabzis.. and you will surely fall in love with it .

1.      Moong Dal and Suva Subzi unique taste of suva, fortified by moong dal and spiced with green chillies makes this subzi a must-try. 

Moong Dal and Suva SubziMoong Dal and Suva Subzi

2.      Palak Paneer one of the many of the best loved vegetarian Punjabi dishes are the ones where paneer is combined with a vegetable.

Palak PaneerPalak Paneer

3.      Carrot Methi Subzi a great recipe that boosts immunity, eat this often for a stronger you. Tastes delicious when served hot with phulkas and curd. 

Carrot Methi Subzi ( Vitamin A and Vitamin C Rich Recipe )Carrot Methi Subzi ( Vitamin A and Vitamin C Rich Recipe )

4.      Spinach Mushroom Sabzi contrasting textures of mushrooms and spinach make the subzi a delight to chew while the addition of fresh cream gives it a lusciously rich mouth-feel. 

Spinach Mushroom Sabzi, Palak Mushroom RecipeSpinach Mushroom Sabzi, Palak Mushroom Recipe

5.      Khumbh Palak more flavourful than the average mushroom preparation as it is supplemented by a vibrant spinach paste, a tangy tomato paste, a pungent onion paste as well as whole spices and spice powders! 

Khumbh PalakKhumbh Palak

6.      Mixed Vegetables in Palak Methi Gravy mouth-watering treat of mixed vegetables drowned in an awesome gravy of spinach and fenugreek leaves, flavoured simply with green chilli paste. 

7.      Palak, Methi and Corn Subzi  loaded with ingredients that can give you these essential nutrients.

8.       Methi Pitla quick and super easy to make. I remember as a kid, when we would run out of vegetables or when mom would be in a hurry she would make this super quick Maharashtrian sabzi.

Methi PitlaMethi Pitla

Enjoy our Leafy Vegetable Sabzi | Indian leafy vegetable Sabzis | and other sabzi articles below. 

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