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जैन चावल - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Jain Rice recipes in Hindi)
જૈન ચોખાની વાનગીઓ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Jain Rice recipes in Gujarati)
Rice recipes without onions, garlic, potatoes and other ingredients that are usually avoided by Jains, can also taste fabulous, when cooked with the appropriate ingredients and using smart cooking methods that elevate the flavour and aroma of the dish. Lose yourself in the mouth-watering taste of Jain Rice Recipes like Cheesy Pepper Rice and Vagharela Bhaat .

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Cheesy Pepper Rice ( Jain International Recipe) recipe
This rice is so easy and quick to make. . . It is for all my jain fans who can enjoy this rice dish made with bellpeppers, cheese and spices. Worth a try !
Baked Layered Coconut Rice with Curry recipe
Watch out for that look of bliss on the face of the diners after they try this delectable recipe! You cannot expect anything less, given the mind-blowing mouth-feel and exciting range of flavours that this dish offers you. Here, we begin with rice cooked in coconut milk, which has a soothing f ....
Chitrana Rice ( Jain Recipe) recipe
Tangy rice dish, flavoured with peanuts and malagapadi, a south indian spice mixture.
How To Make Rice in A Pressure Cooker, White Rice recipe
how to make rice in pressure cooker recipe | perfect pressure cooker rice | steamed rice in a pressure cooker | pressure cooker white rice | with 11 amazing images. how ....
Rice and Curry in Banana Leaves, Banana Leaf Rice recipe
This is a unique dish, wherein rice and curry are packed in a warm banana leaf, which lends the dish a special fragrance. The rice is cooked with caraway seeds to make it all the more aromatic, while the combination of cream, tomato puree and a masala paste makes the curry a tangy, creamy and ....
Mogar Aur Chasni Chawal recipe
Rajasthani food tends to be a bit spicy at times, which is probably why Rajasthanis like to combine sweet and savoury foods, to achieve a balanced effect. Mogar and Chasni Chawal is a fine example of this, wherein spicy moong dal or mogar is eaten along with chasni or sweetened rice. Neither dish wo ....
Masala Rice with Stuffed Vegetables recipe
Stuffing vegetables with masala mixtures before sautéing is a common practice in Indian cuisine, as it imparts a deep and lingering taste to the vegetables, which may then be served as such or added to rice dishes or gravies. In this delicious preparation of Masala Rice with Stuffed Vegetables, the ....
Nariyalwale Chawal recipe
Rice and creamy coconut milk make a unique combination.
South Indian Stir Fry Rice recipe
This tongue-tickling rice treat is prepared with readily-available ingredients, but has an unforgettable flavour and pleasing texture. The key ingredients, which endow this South Indian Stir-Fry Rice with such irresistibility, are sesame seeds and pean ....
Tendli Bhaat ( Jain Recipe) recipe
Ripe green tendlis, long grains of rice and aromatic spices cooked to perfection in a maharashtrian style. This dish is almost sure to leave the diners asking for more!
Kerry Rice ( Mango Rice) recipe
A sweet and sour rice preparation made using left over rice.
Methi Mutter Pulao recipe
This rice tastes great with any raita and is great fr lunch boxes too.
Mint Coriander Rice Pulao recipe
Mint and coriander are good coolants and this is very easy to prepare and goes well with any type of raita.
Sprout Kichade recipe
Sprout kichdi is my innovative dish to serve my growing child.
this recipe can be given to babies from their 10th month onwards.
diet conscious and ailing adults can eat this since ukda chawal is easy to digest.
no chillies are used so that it caters small children.
sprouts are protein - ....
Tasty Gatte ka Pulao recipe
This is a rajasthani delight. It goes well with dahi-ki-kadhi.
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