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50 chawli recipes

Last Updated : Mar 28,2020

चवली रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (chawli recipes in Hindi)
ચોળા રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (chawli recipes in Gujarati)

chawli recipes | 50 chawli, cowpeas recipe collection |

50 chawli recipes | Indian chawli recipes

Chawli recipe collectionChawli beans are also known as cow peas or black eyed peas. They whitish in color with a black spot in the middle and have a rich nutty aroma. It is a legume that, like other legumes and beans, is widely used in an Indian kitchen. This is one of the few legumes that doesn’t even need spices for it to taste nice, it has a natural taste itself which is great.

 Chawli Bean Subzi

Chawli Bean Subzi

Chawli Recipes for Subzis                                 

Chawli is cooked just like the other pulses and legumes and hence needs a significant amount of soaking time – overnight or at least 4 to 5 hours in warm water.

After that, it is very easy to handle and to cook and hence it is used widely to make subzis and dals. Masala Chawli is a subzi that has the most irresistible aroma and flavor even though it uses the most basic ingredients.

Masala ChawliMasala Chawli

A basic Chawli Beans Subzi with flavored with tamarind, jaggery and chilli powder has a unique sweet, spicy. Pumpkin and Chawli Errissery is a vegetable curry preparation from kerala that is traditionally made with these two ingredients and can be made healthy by adding less salt.

 Mixed Kathol ( Gujarati Recipe)

Mixed Kathol ( Gujarati Recipe)

Chawli beans are one of the key ingredients in a Gujarati dish called Mixed Kathol. Kathol is basically a mix of different pulses that are cooked together and served mainly during festive times. Another favorite that uses a combination of pulses is Misal Pav, every Maharashtrians staple street food preference.

Chawli Recipes for Snacks

Not a lot of people associate pulses with snacks but that is a myth. Pulses can be transformed into great snacks that are not only nutritious but also delicious. Methi Palak Chawli Dhokla seems like a strange combination of ingredients coming together but flavored with ginger and green chilli with this combo, it’s a hit! People from Andhra use chawli to make Alasanda Vada, a scrumptious snack with flavors of onion and garlic coming through. It can also be used whole in Chawli, French Beans and Carrot Soup, which is hearty, comforting and warm.

Alasanda VadaAlasanda Vada

Innovative Chawli Recipes

We have heard of potato patties or even rajma patties but now we have a very different and unique Chawli Beans and Mint Burger where the burger patty is made with chawli beans! This combination of flavors is pleasant to the palate and breaks away from the usual potato patty.

Similar cutlets can also be used in the Indian Sizzler as one of the main elements. Chawli and Beetroot Soup is an easy soup cooked in a pressure cooker with a zesty taste that is unique enough to impress your guests.

Chawli and Beetroot SoupChawli and Beetroot Soup

Healthy Chawli Recipes

Chawli can be used in a plethora of salads with different types of ingredients, whether vegetables or fruits. It can range from a Chatpata Chawli and Fruit Salad, which is unique when combined with fibrous fruits like grapes and oranges or something more basic and common like the Chawli Paneer and Veg Healthy Lunch Salad.

 Chawli, Paneer and Veg Healthy Lunch SaladChawli, Paneer and Veg Healthy Lunch Salad

Even though rice is not considered particularly healthy, adding chawli and kabuli chana to rice, amps up the health quotient.

No need to have it as rice and curry, you can combine both and make Chawli and Kabuli Chana Pulao.

Chawli and Kabuli Chana PulaoChawli and Kabuli Chana Pulao

Hope you like the Chawli Recipes. Check out the entire recipe collection below!

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Mixed kathol features a wonderful combo of pulses cooked and presented the gujarati way. Kathol is part of the ‘jaman’ served during the festive seasons, but it is also made regularly in gujarati households throughout the year.
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A totally off-beat combination of ingredients is used to make this dhokla but it turns out to be absolutely awesome! Not just tasty, the Methi Palak Chawli Dhokla is also super healthy. The protein from chawli and the antioxidant vitamins A and C from the greens come together to keep you hale an ....
When you hear the word pulao, the first thing that comes to mind is veggies and rice cooked with whole spices. But, this Chawli and Kabuli Chana Pulao is completely different. Here, the rice is combined with two pulses of contrasting colours and tastes, perked up with tomatoes, onions and a temp ....
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A cold salad of corn tossed together with a variety of interesting ingredients like Chawli, rajmah and cheese.
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