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149 low fat paneer recipes

Last Updated : Jun 15,2021

लो फॅट पनीर रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (low fat paneer recipes in Hindi)
લૉ ફેટ પનીર રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (low fat paneer recipes in Gujarati)

152 low fat paneer recipes in Indian cooking | low fat cottage cheese recipes |

 low fat paneer recipes in Indian cooking | low fat cottage cheese recipes |

Low-fat paneer is one of our favourite ways to top up on the day’s protein and calcium requirements. Not only does low-fat mean you don’t gain weight, but the absorption of calcium is much better when the fat is less. This more than justifies binging on tasty dishes with low-fat paneer

Paneer is a very versatile ingredient, so it’s going to be pretty easy to include it in your meal. From soups and salads to starters, main course and even desserts, you can include low-fat paneer in just about any part of the meal. 

Soups with low fat paneer: 

Start with a Masoor Dal and Paneer Soup or a tongue-tickling Zero Oil Tom Yum Soup. The Masoor Dal and Paneer Soup is not only comforting but also quite filling. So, when you do not have time to prepare a proper meal, just enjoy this with dinner rolls and you are done! 

Tom Yum Soup, Zero Oil Tom Yum SoupTom Yum Soup, Zero Oil Tom Yum Soup

Indian Snacks and starters with low-fat paneer: 

Paneer finds a place in a wide assortment of snacks and starters, ranging from the Hara Bhara Paneer Kebab to the Khatta Meetha Chana Chaat, Paneer Tikka Kathi Rolls and Hara Tava Paneer

Hara Tava Paneer ( Healthy Starter Recipe )Hara Tava Paneer ( Healthy Starter Recipe )

Indian Breakfast and supper with low-fat paneer 

Paneer lends itself to the preparation of many wholesome and filling snacks, which can be had for breakfast or supper. Try the Mini Green Theplas, Carrot and Paneer Toast, and Masala Wheat Dosa.

Carrot and Paneer ToastCarrot and Paneer Toast

Parathas with low fat Paneer: 

Think paratha and paneer is one of the first options that come to mind. While just paneer is enough to make a great paratha, this wonderful team worker also rubs shoulders with assorted veggies, pulses, greens and herbs to make a larger variety of parathas. Go for the Paneer Paratha; Bajra Methi and Paneer Paratha, Paneer Tamatar Paratha, and more! 

Paneer Tamatar ParathaPaneer Tamatar Paratha

Sabzis with low fat  paneer: 

Being soft and succulent, paneer absorbs flavours well, and so it fits beautifully into any kind of subzi with any type of gravy. It also cooks fast, which is an added advantage. Have a go at the Paneer Lababdar, Paneer Makhani, Bharwa Lauki (where paneer features as a stuffing for the lauki), Palak Methi Chaman, Marinated Paneer and Capsicum Subzi, and more. You will realise that this magical ingredient combines with just about any other ingredient or spice! 

Bharwa LaukiBharwa Lauki

Rice dishes with low fat paneer: 

Well, we know Paneer Pulao is a hot favourite, but rice and low-fat paneer come together in many more interesting ways, such as in the Paneer Mutter Biryani.

Paneer Mutter BiryaniPaneer Mutter Biryani

Desserts with low fat paneer:

The soft texture of low-fat paneer is ideal to make several exciting desserts. Indulge your sweet tooth with the Paneer Kheer and Chocolate Sandesh!

Chocolate SandeshChocolate Sandesh

We are sure low-fat paneer is already on most of your shopping lists. You can also make Homemade Low-Fat Paneer quite easily at home. Go for it! Check out our exciting low-fat paneer recipes…


Low Fat Paneer ( How To Make Low Fat Paneer)

Low Fat Paneer ( How To Make Low Fat Paneer)

Benefits of low fat paneer

Low fat Paneer : Low fat paneer contains high quality protein and calcium which aids in weight loss. Since paneer is low in carbs and high in protein it gets digested slowly and hence good for diabetes

Potassium in paneer helps to reduce the effect of high sodium, by lowering blood pressure and contraction of blood vessels, resulting in improved heart health and reduced risk of heart attack. Great for weight loss and read the interesting article on is paneer good for you?

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Paneer is an all time favourite with everyone. . . And this recipe is bound to get tongues on fire with its exquisite blend of tastes!
These rolls are a healthy version of frankies and make a complete meal by themselves. The chapatis have been made with whole wheat flour which is a good source of iron and fibre as compared to the usual plain flour (maida) rotis. The paneer and vegetable filling enriches these rolls with essential ....
teaspoon of oil can create wonders, when the other ingredients are perfectly chosen – and this Moong Dal Seekh Kebab is a perfect example of this art. Did you ever imagine preparing crispy, succulent kebabs using such little oil? Well, see for yourself how the marvelous mix of moong dal and paneer w ....
A dish of soft succulent paneer made in green gravy of methi and palak. It is made much more quickly by cooking in the microwave. Serve it hot with some rotis, parathas or naan.
Capsicum, stuffed with a mixed vegetable and low-fat paneer stuffing, is drowned in a generously-spiced tomato gravy to provide a flavourful boost of fibre and vitamin A. Not too much oil and no cream either, but still luscious, the Stuffed Capsicum in Tomato Gravy uses very little cornflour along w ....
Sautéed in just a teaspoon of oil, this elegant salad is an excellent source of calcium thanks to the combination of paneer, broccoli and bean sprouts. The Stir-fried Broccoli, Baby Corn and Bean Sprouts Salad is like a booster dose for your bones! Onion seeds adds an Indian touch to this nutritious ....
paneer tamatar paratha recipe | healthy tomato paneer paratha | stuffed tomato paratha | with 28 amazing images. paneer tamatar paratha is an interesting variation of the paneer paratha wit ....
Green Pea Pancakes have an inviting colour and tempting flavour, which make them hard to refuse. What is more, this nutritious snack is rich in high folic acid and fibre, and can be reinforced with more nutrients by adding veggies of your choice to the batter. You are sure to love this innovative al ....
This dish is one meal but multi-nutrient! it is packed with vitamins and proteins that are found in abundance in paneer, moong sprouts and dalia. The veggies, masala and curd ensure that you have a delicious, and healthy meal.
Tom Yum Soup is an all-time favourite Oriental recipe, which features an assortment of veggies and low-fat paneer in a clear vegetable stock. Apart from the amalgam of flavours and textures that the veggies contribute to this soup, a dash of lemon juice helps to boost the taste and aroma fabul ....
Satisfy your sweet tooth with this cardamom-flavoured low-fat Paneer Kheer. By replacing traditional sweeteners with sugar substitute, and by doing away with unhealthy thickeners, we ward off those unnecessary carbohydrates and calories too. So, you can enjoy the rich texture and wonderful flavour o ....
A typical example of an on-the-go snack, this recipe is the best way to keep your little ones satiated.
These savoury waffles are bursting with the goodness of ingredients like moong dal, fenugreek and paneer. Experience the benefits of protein, iron and calcium packed in this dish!
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