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146 nigella seeds recipes

Last Updated : Sep 21,2021

कलौंजी रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (nigella seeds recipes in Hindi)
કલોંજી રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (nigella seeds recipes in Gujarati)

146 Nigella seeds recipes | Indian recipes using kalonji |

Nigella seeds recipes | Indian recipes using nigella seeds | We show you how to use kalonji in Indian cooking from Indian vegetables using kalonji, Indian Pickles using nigella seeds, Indian Snacks using  kalonji to  special puris using  kalonji. So go ahead and enjoy using your kaloni in Indian cooking. 

Sabzi's using nigella seeds, Indian vegetables using kalonji

Sabzi  has a unique aroma when nigella seeds are added to it, giving it a pickle kind of a taste.  Enjoy these special recipes and find pickle tickling taste in every dish. 

1.      Achari Paneer an aromatic accompaniment, which imbibes its flavour from a mixture of seeds used in the seasoning.

Achari PaneerAchari Paneer

2.      Achari Dahi Bhindi wide assortment of seeds and spice powders, which give it a super peppy flavour and aroma too.

 Achari Dahi Bhindi, Punjabi Sabji Achari Dahi Bhindi, Punjabi Sabji

3.      Aloo Aur Kaddu ki Subzi red pumpkin cooked with an aromatic tempering of assorted seeds and spices, a couple of traditional spice powders, a dash of curds and tomatoes. 

 Aloo Aur Kaddu ki Subzi Aloo Aur Kaddu ki Subzi

4.      Hyderabadi Baghara Baingan flavour-packed treat for your palate, the Hyderabadi Baghara Baingan is loaded with the dynamic flavours of several seeds and spices. 

Hyderabadi Baghara BainganHyderabadi Baghara Baingan

5.      Baby Corn Aur Paneer ka Salan crunchy baby corn and creamy soft paneer enhance the flavours and provide an interesting new twist to the recipe of Salan.

 Baby Corn Aur Paneer ka Salan

Baby Corn Aur Paneer ka Salan

Indian Pickles using nigella seeds, kalonji

Nigella seeds are the must in every pickle, it makes it very aromatic and flavourful at the same time. Try these pickles, few are instant one’s and a few you can store for a longer time

1.      Quick Carrot and Capsicum Pickle unique pickle of carrot and capsicum has a very exhilarating flavour, thanks to a masala mixture that combines a couple of seeds and spices.

 Quick Carrot and Capsicum Pickle Quick Carrot and Capsicum Pickle

2.      Aam Aur Chane ka Achaar a typical Rajasthani pickle of raw mangoes and white chick peas perked up with a large assortment of spices and preserved with mustard oil.

3.      Punjabi Gajar ka Achar a North Indian carrot pickle. Looking for an economical achar to make, this  achar is the answer.

 Punjabi Gajar ka Achar Punjabi Gajar ka Achar

4.      Spicy Mango Pickle this is a very simple recipe, which goes well with most of the parathas.

 Spicy Mango Pickle Spicy Mango Pickle

Indian Snacks using nigella seeds, kalonji

Nigella seeds giving a slight crunch in the snack and pickle taste in every bite makes you eat more. Try these scrumptious snack recipes with tea or coffee. 

1.      Pyaaz ki Kachori very few households actually prepare these crisp, flaky deep-fried kachoris stuffed with an onion filling.

Pyaaz-ki-KachoriPyaaz ki Kachori

2.      Masala Paratha a rich and masaledar filling of poppy seeds, nigella seeds and dried ginger powder, combined with freshly-pounded masala make these spicy parathas rather special.

Masala ParathaMasala Paratha

3.      Bajra Chakli Crisp and crumbly bajra and wheat flour savouries flavoured with kalonji, the Bajra Chakli is sure to be an exciting experience for you.

 Bajra Chakli

 Bajra Chakli

4.      Moong Dal Waffles with Stir-fried Vegetables waffles are given an Indian touch by making them with a methi flavoured moong batter, it becomes a treat with a difference.

 Moong Dal Waffles with Stir-fried Vegetables

 Moong Dal Waffles with Stir-fried Vegetables

5.      Spicy Chaat- Calcutta Style delightful chaat that will thrill you to the core – hold it in your hand, capture a whiff of the namkeens dipped in sweet and tangy chutneys and topped with choice spices.

 Spicy Chaat- Calcutta Style Spicy Chaat- Calcutta Style

 Special puris using nigella seeds, kalonji

Below are special puri recipes which are super crispy,  full of flavours and loaded with aromatic spices and masalas.

1.      Bhedawi Puri offers a unique dining experience of nigella flavoured puris stuffed with a masaledar urad dal mixture.

 Bhedawi Puri

 Bhedawi Puri

2.      Urad Dal Puris reinforcing the whole wheat dough with a paste of soaked urad dal adds bulk and crispness to the bedmi puri while the nigella seeds impart a unique and lingering flavour to them.

3.      Spicy Urad Dal Puris a scrumptious filling of soaked, ground and sautéed urad dal spiced with a special masala.

 Spicy Urad Dal Puris ( Desi Khana )  Spicy Urad Dal Puris ( Desi Khana )

4.      Khus-khus ki Puri a delicious puri stuffed with a poppy seed mixture and made spicy with the use of Kashmiri red chillies.

 Khus-khus ki Puri Khus-khus ki Puri

5.      Baked Buckwheat Puri an awesome Baked Buckwheat Puri, which lets you have fun hand-in-hand with a cartload of health benefits too.

 Baked Buckwheat Puri, Low Salt Recipe Baked Buckwheat Puri, Low Salt Recipe

Enjoy our nigella seeds recipes | Indian recipes using nigella seeds | given below.

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